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Mountain Dew Rooftop Rumble Public Room

The Mountain Dew campaign was one of the first promotions run inside a Habbo Hotel client on Habbo Hotel Finland. The campaign saw the introduction of branded furniture such as the Mountain Dew Machine, Mountain Dew Sofa and the Mountain Dew Poster. The Rooftop Rumble Public Room was transformed for the campaign and was originally created for Mountain Dew. Special clothing was also introduced during this period, which was briefly removed afterwards.


Due to the high levels of Scripting in the early days of Habbo Hotel, the Mountain Dew machine became a staple and iconic mark for scripters conveying that they could transfer promotional items across hotels. Often scripted Photos would produce client side machines for people to dispense Mountain Dew bottles as Hand Items. The ease of using scripting tools to 'generate' a Mountain Dew Machine became an issue during the clamping down and moderation focus on scripting with the banning of many users who were seen drinking Mountain Dew around hotels other than Finland. Mountain Dew clothing was also scripted across other hotels.


Branded furniture was later adapted to what we now know as the HC Sofa, the Habbo Cola Machine and the Habbo Cola Poster as unbranded items for use within hotels. Many Habbo users assumed at the time that the Mountain Dew Machine was created by scripters due to the small amount of furniture present in hotels as many hadn't seen the machine before, which was originally released in Habbo Finland.

Furniture Name Old Version Current Version Additional Information
Mountain Dew Sofa
Branded for release on, replaced by Club Sofa
Mountain Dew Machine
Branded for release on, replaced by Habbo Cola Machine
Mountain Dew Poster
Branded for release on, replaced by Habbo Cola Poster

Interview Evidence

An interview from 2001 with Sulake Staff Paulo from Habbo Finland's programming team outlines the uses of Wobble Squabble and it's creation featuring information on the Mountain Dew campaign room.

  • "Making Wobble Squabble was fun: especially testing and playing it. Wobble Squabble was the first actual game in the Hotel and thus a little different thing to do. The Rooftop Rumble (public room) – where the Wobble Squabble is – was originally made for a Mountain Dew-campaign. We had to program a fun little chute, which would take you out of the room. However, it was taken out when the campaign ended."


  • The sprite for the Habbo Cola Machine is "md_limukaappi" which lightly translates to Mountain Dew Fridge Machine.