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Joined Habbo 10-July-2004
HxF username Sabra
Also known as Julie
Former Habbox Staff
Highest Role(s): Articles Management
Habbo Friends Management

Sabra, also known as Julie, is a former Assistant Articles Manager and Habbo Friends Manager at Habbox. She signed up to HabboxForum on the 10th of July 2004 and, throughout her time at Habbox, she became staff in various departments, including Graphics, previously known as Webpage Design, Rare Values, Help Desk, Forum and Game Design. She was appointed Habbo Friends Manager in February 2005 and Assistant Articles Manager in August 2005. After only being in Articles Management for a few weeks, she was dismissed from the role. A month later she was dismissed from her remaining roles at Habbox.

Three years later, in August 2008, she returned at Habbox Staff in the Articles department and remained in the department until its closure in January 2009. She is no longer Habbox Staff and no longer uses the Forum.

Habbox Roles

Role Start Date End Date
Articles Writer 04-Aug-2008 02-Jan-2009
Assistant Articles Manager 25-Aug-2005 13-Sept-2005
Head Interviewer 28-July-2008 25-Aug-2005
Help Desk Staff 09-May-2005 25-Sept-2005
Game Designer 07-Feb-2005 23-July-2005
Habbo Friends Manager 06-Feb-2005 25-Sept-2005
Forum Moderator 24-Jan-2004 25-Sept-2005
Trialist Help Desk Staff 23-Jan-2004 Unknown
News Reporter 23-Jan-2005 07-May-2005
Rare Values Reporter 31-Dec-2004 20-Jan-2005
Interviewer 31-Dec-2004 28-July-2008
Graphics Designer 28-Nov-2004 25-Swpt-2005


  • Came 3rd place in the Help Desk Big Brother in 2005.