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Rare Values

Trax are the Habbo music disks which have many multiple tunes installed onto them which can be played on a Trax Machine in the room. After the Habbo transistion from Shockwave to Flash clients, the trax system was not recovered until April 2011, where only Juke Boxes, old CDs, and Habbo sold CDs were re-released.

Trax Machines

Trax Machines are a furniture item that used to allow users to play collections of songs from the different Trax Discs which could be put in the machine - e.g. Habbo Sounds. Most of the Trax Machines were released for version 12 and 13 during 2007, with a handful being released 2008 and a campaign-themed one for 'American Idol' being released on and was originally the only hotel to have the Sound Machine Brown (and only in very small amounts), hence its existence on (International). After the Habbo Beta update, Trax Machines could no longer be used and were kept un-tradeable, but due to the update of Groups on Habbo you could place them in group rooms. The only Trax Machines to never have been released on an English-speaking hotel prior to the merge (and afterwards) were the Grey Traxmachine and the Sound Machine Pro. Most of the Trax Machines have had their furniture names and descriptions removed, but existing tracks can still be played on them.

The Announcement of trax and to get a free blue trax machine
Furniture Name Furniture Image Note
American Idol Trax Machine
Released when Habbo USA partnered with American Idol February 2009.
Black Traxmachine
First released in Finland March 2007. (Considered the "regular" trax machine).
Blue Traxmachine
Given to everyone who signed up for one, USA and Canada, June 2007. You would register your email, get a code, enter it just like a credit code.
Sound Machine Brown
On the UK Habbo, Eight winners received this machine, June 2007.
Green Traxmachine
First released in Norway (Hc Only) 2007.
Grey Traxmachine
This machine was sold in the Scandinavian Habbo as the regular version.
Turquoise Traxmachine
Aka: Ocean Traxmachine, given to two "DJ winners" on the USA Habbo, June 2007.
Purple Traxmachine
First released on Habbo UK, June 2007.
Red Traxmachine
Was a prize in a Nokia competition, Singapore, June 2007. Also sold in valentines promotions.
Sound Machine Pro
Gold Traxmachine Released in small quantities as competition prizes.
Silver and Bronze Traxmachine These machines were never released. However, their images still exist in Habbo's system.
Traxmachine Nouvelle Star Part of a TV program promotion of February 2008.

Previous fame

Trax are not used as frequenty as before, as the appeal has worn off and no new additions have been put into trax lately. With the April 2011 come-back of "trax", only Juke Boxes where updated to work again and songs made by Habbo where released for sale as an addition to past made discs. Note that you currently cannot make custom music as long ago.

List of Trax

  • Rnb Grooves 1
  • Rnb Grooves 2
  • Rnb Grooves 3
  • Rnb Grooves 4
  • Rnb Grooves 5
  • Rnb Grooves 6 (AKA El Generico)
  • Tiki Trax Pack 1
  • Tiki Trax Pack 2
  • Tiki Trax Pack 3
  • Instrumental 1 (AKA Double Peaks)
  • Instrumental 2 (AKA Pianissimo)
  • Alhambra 1
  • Alhambra 2
  • Alhambra 3
  • Electronic 1 (AKA Snowstorm Theme)
  • Electronic 2 (AKA Mysto Magica)
  • Ambient 1 (AKA Sunset Adventure)
  • Ambient 2 (AKA Electronica)
  • Ambient 3 (AKA Ambience)
  • Ambient 4 (AKA Dark Skies)
  • Moshy Metal (AKA Rock 1)
  • Snotty Day (AKA Rock 2)
  • Rock 3 (AKA Yngvie Van Halen)
  • Rock 4 (AKA Iron Maid)
  • Rock 5 (AKA Rockin' Riffs)
  • Rock 6 (AKA Highway To Habbo)
  • Rock 7 (AKA Pixels on the Water)
  • Rock 8 (AKA Sympathy for the Coder)
  • Sound set 37 (AKA Habbowood)
  • Sound set 42 (AKA Snouthill Horror)
  • Sound set 44 (AKA Ghost Story)
  • Sound set 71 (AKA Icy Trax)
  • Madball Trax 1
  • Madball Trax 2
  • Madball Trax 3
  • Bhangra Mangra
  • Berlin Connection
  • Bossa Nueva
  • Monkey Paradise
  • Party Pack
    The interface for creating music on Trax's.
  • Country Trax Pack (AKA Country Sounds)
  • Jingle Beats (AKA Oh Holy Habbo)
  • Rudolph's Loops
  • A Day in the Park
  • Computer FX
  • Jive Sideburns
  • MnM
  • Little Tanga Beach
  • Rasta Santa's Pack (AKA Rasta.Claus's Pack)
  • SFX 1 (AKA Silence of the Moderators)
  • SFX 5 (AKA Furni Sounds 1)
  • Nature Nightlife
  • Latin 1 (AKA Valentine 1)
  • Latin 2 (AKA Valentine 2)
  • Habbo Sounds 1 (AKA DJ Fuse's Duck Funk)
  • Habbo Sounds 2 (AKA Abe Normal)
  • Habbo Sounds 3 (AKA DJ Fuse's Habbo Theme)
  • Hip Hop Beats 1 (AKA Boy Band Sensation)
  • Hip Hop Beats 2 (AKA Cameron's Ex)
  • Hip Hop Beats 3 (AKA Ferry Nultado)
  • Club 1 (AKA Club Sounds III)
  • Club 2 (AKA Loco Electro)
  • Club 3 (AKA Jackin' Chicago)
  • Club 4 (AKA Maximum Minimal)
  • Club 5 (AKA Nu Skool Breakz)
  • Club 6 (AKA NYC Beat)
  • Club 7 (AKA State of Trancehouse)
  • Dance 2 (AKA Dancefloor Burners)
  • Dance 3 (AKA House Loops)
  • Dance 4 (AKA Spicey Donna)
  • Dance 5 (AKA Cafe Muzzakh)
  • Dance 6 (AKA Supa Funk)