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Release date: Throughout 2017
Available from: Habbo Competitions

Hedgehogs were a range of furniture that were obtained by taking part or winning Habbo competitions throughout 2017. There were 15 colours released in total over the course of one year. Hedgehogs were released to replace the prizes given out in previous years, the Hippos and Sloths. After a year, the Hedgehogs were no longer released and were replaced with a new animal, the Tortoises.

List of Hedgehogs

Name Image How to Obtain
Emerald Hedgehog
Grey Hedgehog
  • -
Grassy Hedgehog
  • -
Peach Hedgehog
  • Staff Pick event: Farm theme
Aquamarine Hedgehog
  • Undercover.'s building and badge bonanza
  • Alien Invasion: Story Competition
Citrine Hedgehog
  • Seashore War event
Amethyst Hedgehog
Pink Hedgehog
  • -
Brown Hedgehog
  • Seashore Wars event
Turquoise Hedgehog
  • Cursed Caves public display room
Sky Blue Hedgehog
  • -
Sandy Hedgehog
  • -
Ruby Hedgehog
  • -
Alexandrite Hedgehog
  • Undercover.'s video competition.
  • Undercover.'s Alient Story competition.
  • Twitter Pixel Art competition.
Christmas Hedgehog
Total Hedgehogs 15