Victorian Christmas

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Victorian Christmas
Release date: December 2017
Season: Christmas
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
American Prairie
Next Campaign:
January 2018

Victorian Christmas was Habbo's Christmas campaign and furniture line for 2017[1]. It was based on Christmas during the Victorian era and included the release of a new furniture line, new rares, new room bundles and new collectible items.

A new section of the catalogue also appeared called 'Christmas Comeback'; which included Christmas furniture ranges from previous years.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image Name Image
Winter Robins Smelly Cat
Victorian Windows Victorian Windows
Drainpipe Carol Singing Girl
Victorian Bench Thoroughbred Stallion
Carol Singing Woman Carol Singing Man
Victorian Wall Victorian High Window
Victorian Roof Victorian Street Lamp
Victorian Hat Shop Carol Singing Boy
Victorian Pavement Victorian Cobbles
Versatile Victorian Block Victorian Front Door
Victorian China Shop Victorian Cornerstone
Victorian Pub Victorian Pub
Victorian Flower Basket Victorian Gate
Victorian Fence Victorian Fence Corner


Name Image Badge
Victorian Horse Carriage
Victorian Music Box
Victorian Lion Statue

Limited Edition Rare

The Ted Limited Edition Rare was released on December 18th 2017.

Name Image Badge


During this campaign, a new crafting system was released; from which six new clothing items could be created.

To craft the clothing, users first needed the crafting table - the Tailor's Sewing Machine - which was available to purchase from the catalogue. Designs for each item could be redeemed from a Tailor's Handbook; which was available from the catalogue. The main ingredients in this crafting system were the Tailor's Thread and the Tailor's Cloth. These could be obtained from the catalogue or received as prizes in the daily city manager tasks.

Tailor's Sewing Machine
Name Image
Tailor's Thread
Tailor's Cloth
Tailor's Handbook
Feather Pin Design
Top Hat Design
Buttoned Trousers Design
Ruffled Shirt Design
Tailcoat Design
Victorian Dress Design

The clothing items that could be crafted were as follows.

Ingredients Name Image
+ + + Feather Pin
+ + + Top Hat
+ + + + + + Buttoned Trousers
+ + + + + + Ruffled Shirt
+ + + + [Tailor's Cloth.png]] + + [Tailor's Cloth.png]] + + + [Tailor's Cloth.png]] + Tailcoat
+ + + + [Tailor's Cloth.png]] + + [Tailor's Cloth.png]] + + + [Tailor's Cloth.png]] + Victorian Dress


A range of six Victorian dolls were released into the catalogue for a price of 10 Credits and 10 Diamonds.

Name Image Badge
Detective Doll
Glamour Doll
Beauty Doll
Redhead Doll
Policeman Doll
Soldier Doll

Every user who purchased all six dolls also received an exclusive collectors' badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 205 players have this badge.


The Golden Accessory Pack v.3 was the third edition released into the catalogue in December 2017 and cost 25 Credits and 25 Diamonds.

Name Image
Golden Rose
Golden Scifi Sunglasses
Golden Nerd Glasses
Golden Bear Ears
Golden Flower
Golden Ponytail
Golden Mask

Room Bundles

During the campaign the following room bundles were released.


Advent Calendar

The advent calendar made a return and users were able to open it every day to receive a free item of furniture, Builders Club, HC or Duckets.

From the 1st to the 25th of December users were given daily tasks as the city manager to help prepare the city for Christmas. Completing the tasks would result in receiving a badge and either a Tailor's Thread, Tailor's Cloth, or Hedgehog prize.

Secret badges were also hidden in some of the tasks rooms, each one represented a character from the Charles Dickens story A Christmas Carol.