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Furni (short for furniture) is the primary means of customising rooms in Habbo. Furniture can be bought from the Catalogue with the use of in-game currency such as Credits, Duckets or Diamonds.

Furniture are ranged by Habbo created styles such as Mode, Lodge or Iced, each serving to theme a room differently. Some serve a useful purpose like sofas that can be sit on and minibars which will give the player a hand item that they can 'Eat', 'Drink' or simply carry around the room. Furni can be placed in a room, then rotated and moved based on preference.

Furni can be traded with other Habbos. if a player wish to trade with another player they simply click on the person they wanna trade with, and click on Trade. Note that you must have a Trading Pass to do so and 'Everyone can trade' or 'Room owners and users with rights' must be set in the 'Trading Settings' in Room Settings. A Trading Pass can be obtained by doing the Talent Track. However Some furni are untradable. You can see if a furni is tradable by checking your inventory, if you click on a furniture, two hands will be shown in the left upper corner in the 'view screen'. If these hands show a Prohibited Sign then the furni is untradable. If the hands shown a number next to it, then the amount of furni, that is what the number indicates, you have can be traded.

It could also be dropped in another user's room to serve to serve as a gift, but this has been changed with the introduction of Groups. Players who have Room Rights in a group can drop their furniture in another users room. The furni will still be owned by the player who dropped the item. If a player wants to gift a furni to another player they simply click on 'Send as gift' in the catalogue. Note that this can only be done if a furni requires Credits to be bought, if the furni requires Diamonds, or Duckets the furni cannot be gifted to another player.

From time to time Habbo will release special furniture, these are called Rares or Limited Edition Rares. These furni are available for a limited time only and will increase in value over time.

This furni is tradable
This furni is not tradeable

Types of Furniture


Norms (short for Normals) is a type of furniture which is either sold in the Catalogue on a permanent or semi-permanent basis. Most items on Habbo began as as Norms, but over time upon their removal from the Catalogue or the rarer they become to obtain change their classification. Some of the ranges that are no longer classed as Norms could be Executive and Area due to their increase in price and need after their removal from the Catalogue. Most Norms are cheap to buy, and many players believe that if an item is worth a little amount then it's classed as a Norm.

Habbo Club Furniture

Habbo Club furniture are somewhat rares that are only available to players who have a Habbo Club membership. Up until the 7th Generation club furniture it was only possible to get a furni for the amount of months u were a member. Club Furniture are free to collect as long as you have a membership. Each month u can pick another gift and these can be traded or sold in the Marketplace just like other furniture.


Rares are a limited release furni on Habbo that are sold typically for a given price and only available for a certain amount time or via an credit action or offer. Rares tend to accumulate a lot of value over time. They're often used for collections, showcasing wealth, or allow users to gain profit much more quickly than general release items found in the furni lines available in the catalogue. There are several sub-categories of rares, including Limited Edition Rares (see next), Classical Rares and Collectibles, to name a few.

Limited Edition Rares

Limited Edition Rares or LTD's for short, are just like rares limited, but where rares can be bought over and over again until they disappear from the catalogue, Limited Edition Rares have a limited amount of offers available for players to buy. The amount of offers can vary per rare. Where some LTD's have 800 available, have others around 270 available. The amount of sold- and the number of the LTD's can define the price and rarity of the LTD. LTD Number #1 is much more (and therefore the rarest) then number #300 or so.

Limited Edition Rares made their first appearance in April 2012 with the release of the Black Leviathan.


Super Rares are furni items that are above 500 to 5000 credits or less than 100 observable examples in the hotel. For the purpose of this article, this page reflects on what is found on Habbo.com. Most of these items were released under these conditions: competition prize, accidental release, staff gift, compensation, promotional, and/or Scripted items, which are later adopted by Habbo Staff.

Ultra Rares

Ultra Rares are furni items that are 5000+ credits or have less than 20 observable examples. The concept of "Ultra Rare" derives from a term adopted among the trading community. These items are part of a new trend of super rares that have become more lucrative. This is due in part of the pricing and amount of them available on the hotel. Most of these items were released under these conditions: competition prize, accidental release, staff gift, compensation, promotional, and/or Scripted items, which are later adopted by Habbo Staff.


Clothing is a new type of furniture since habbo introduced buyable clothing. Clothing can be binded if a player wishes to wear a certain clothing item. However when a player decides to bind the clothing it will no longer be a furniture item, this action cannot be undone. Buyable clothing vary from Hats to pants and even complete outfits. When a player buys a specific clothing item a mannequin will be shown with the clothing piece(s). This mannequin can be placed or traded just like any other normal Furniture. Even the clothing can be in one of the types mentioned above.

Credit Furniture

Also known as Habbo Exchange are buyable credits which a player can trade or redeem for a certain price. Credit furniture can be bought for the same amount of credits it shown, with a 1 credit tax on it. If a player redeems a credit furniture the amount of credits will get back in the players purse, minus the credit tax. Just as the clothing, credit furniture can be in one of the sections mentioned above. There are credit furniture you can always buy like the Bronze Coin, Sack of Coins or Gold Bar, and there is limited currency which will be released for a limited time only.

Decoration Examples

On the old Homepage under the tab 'Furniture' used to be a tab called 'Decoration Examples'. This tab showed 9 decorated rooms to give players some ideas on what to created with the furni. These are the official pictures and descriptions that were shown on that tab.

The possibilities are endless with Habbo Furni: You can make a rare room, a theme park, a monument, hundreds of different games, restaurants and so much more...

To start your creative juices a flowing below are some examples. For more examples of great rooms be sure to read our upcoming Room Reviews page!

Room Information
Room kick.png Kickwarz

A pure Habbo favourite: Everyone in the room has rights and the winner is the user who survives until the bitter end! Hide behind trees, screens and bars and make sure you're the last user standing!

Room pacman.png Pacman

A late Habbo classic: Developed in 2004 by a Habbo who was later banned for using his home phone without his parent's permission. This room is a mini maze, with Alerts placed in each corner. The contender has to hit all the alerts one after another while dodging the ghosts who exist to hamper his way. If the player gets blocked in by all the ghosts he loses! Once a player hits all the alerts they progress to the next level where there are more ghosts to hamper him!

Room fridge.png Fridge Races

A simple but classic game. The players start on one end of the room and on the opposite end are a group of Fridges. The Games master shouts out an object to be retrieved from the Fridge (carrot, blueberry juice etc) and the players have to rush to the Fridges and keep clicking until they get the right object, and then dash back to the seats!

Room maze.png Maze rooms

There are two main types of Mazes on Habbo: Room-mazes which are made up of a couple of rooms with Furni scattered all over them: What may look like a hideous mess is actually a well constructed trap of stacked furni, pesky pets and hidden chairs! Lost mazes are made up of dozens and dozens of rooms all linked by teleporters. Usually each room looks exactly the same to and has the same name to confuse the weary Habbo. Remember: The more difficult the maze and the more rooms it contains, the greater the amount of Habbos who can take part: Just be sure to set a time limit, or you could be waiting all night for a winner to emerge!

Room theatre.png Theatres

Put on a performance of Shakespeare, Marlow or Beckett. Alternatively host a stand up comedy night! This room design (pictured) is perfect for an audience with the middle of the room working as a stage!

Room discussionroom.png Discussion rooms

The best discussion rooms are simple with close together seating so the users can hear one another. A debate room also requires a Speakers Corner or two for the speakers to address the crowd. Seating should be comfortable since the audience may be there for a long time; so a mini bar wouldn't go amiss.

Room restaurant2.png Restaurants

A good restaurant needs many things: A restroom for users to relieve themselves, a wide variety of foods: Turkey, Pizza, cake. A well stocked mini bar or two and very posh seating. Flowers on the table give the room a touch of elegance and romance.

Room helpcentre.png Helpdesks

Want to help your fellow Habbos? Well then set up a helpdesk and spend your day answering questions. It's almost as much fun as it sounds!

Room greatwallofchina.png Monuments

Show off your stacking skills and build a brilliant monument to make Habbos gasp and scratch their chins in disbelief...

As currency

Furni also serves as an alternative form of currency within Habbo Hotel, each with their value based on the rarity and buying price of the item. As such, they are traded throughout the hotel based on their changing value and serve as prizes in games such as Fallin Furni. Certain colour variations of the same Furni can have an affect on its value.

While most Furni is available on a permanent basis from the in-game catalogue, some Furni is released on a time-limited basis and as such, can grow in rarity and value as the item becomes less common.