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Ice Hockey is very similar to Football and also came with its own range of furniture. For a game to begin, there must be a timer, goal, scoreboard and a hockey puck in the room, although to play the game properly two goals and two scoreboards are required. Unlike some other games there are no achievements available through playing Ice Hockey, although if a room is really themed towards the ice aspect of the game and includes Ice Skating Patches as the game flooring, players can earn the Ice Ice Baby and the Blades of Glory achievements.

How to play

The aim of Ice Hockey is to score goals and make sure the other team or other Habbo doesn't score. In order to shoot the puck in Ice Hockey, you just need to walk through the puck and it will move in the direction the user walked at it from, just like kicking a ball in Habbo football. Make sure to chase the puck before an opponent can get to it. To score points, the player must "shoot" the puck into the opponent's goal. The Habbo or team with the most points at the end of the timer wins.


This list is the full list of furniture released under the Ice Hockey section of the catalogue.

Name Image
Ice Hockey Puck hockey puck.png
Football Goal Blue
(if Ice Hockey Deal is purchased)
hockey goalblue.png
Football Goal Red
(if Ice Hockey Deal is purchased)
hockey goalred.png
Football Scoreboard Blue
(if Ice Hockey Deal is purchased)
hockey scoreblue.png
Football Scoreboard Red
(if Ice Hockey Deal is purchased)
hockey scorered.png
Hockey Stick hockeystick1.png
Hockey Stick hockeystick2.png
Hockey Stick hockeystick3.png
Lert hockey lert.png
Football Bench hockey bench.png
Football Barrier hockey barrier.png
Stadium Lights hockey lights.png
Stadium Bench stadium bench.png
Health Nut hockey nut.png
Urban Fence hockey fence.png
Urban Fence Corner hockey fencecorner.png
Short Arena Divider hockeydividershort.png
Long Arena Divider hockey dividerlong.png
Arena Corner hockey dividercorner.png
Ice Skating Patch
(available singularly or as a batch of 6 or 12)
hockey patch.png