Ice Tag

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Ice Tag
Release date: December 2010

During Christmas 2010, a new mini-game was introduced for private rooms. Furniture was released into the Catalogue in the form of an Ice Skating Patch, Tag Pole and Puck which could be combined to create Ice Tag. Ice Tag works by skating across the Ice Skating Patches and tagging other users - an Easter version of the same game was later released as Bunny Run. There are also Achievements that can be earned from playing.

How To Play

Ice Tag is similar to a common "tag" game played in real life, again working by passing the "tagged" status by touch, by colliding or passing within a square of another Habbo. On Habbo, when players enter a room with Ice Skating Patches, the first person to enter the ice skating rink will automatically be tagged. If not, then players will need to be tagged by the person that's currently tagged. To tell which person is currently tagged, they will light up and begin to glow.

To receive the tag they will have to approach you and then skate past or through you to pass it on. When a player has been tagged by someone, they cannot tag the same person straight after, players will have to tag someone else who hasn't been tagged! The more players there are, the more fun the game is.


Below are the three pieces of furniture that could be purchased in order to construct an Ice Tag rink.

Name Image Motto
Ice Skating Patch
Walk on it to recieve your blades of glory!
Tag Pole
You're it!
Ice Hockey Puck
Take to the ice!


Below are the achievements you can earn from playing Ice Tag.

Name Image Description
Blades of Glory
This badge is received by being caught X amount of times in Ice Tag games.
Ice Ice Baby
This badge is received by standing on an ice skating patch for X amount of minutes.
Get your skates on my Ice Rink!
This badge is received by owning X amount of ice skating patches.

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