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The Lootbox Ban is a law in The Netherlands, France and Belgium to prevent people from buying lootboxes. Lootboxes are seen the same way as gambling and therefore they are being banned for players under the age of 18.

The result of the lootbox ban can be seen in the Catalogue of Habbo.nl and Habbo.fr where furniture that is obtained through Crackables are instead sold for Diamonds and Credits. Users from these countries who visit another hotel, such as Habbo.com are also unable to buy the crackable versions.

Some of the crackable items that were instead sold in the catalogue, and the prices they were available for include:

Rose Gold Rares

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Name Price
Rose Gold Dragon Lamp 100 and 100
Rose Gold Ice Cream Maker 90 and 90
Rose Gold Fountain
Rose Gold Elephant
Rose Gold Parasol
85 and 85
Rose Gold Laser Portal
Rose Gold Powered Fan
Rose Gold Pillow
80 and 80
Rose Gold Spaceship Door
Rose Gold Smoke Machine
70 and 70
Rose Gold Sleeping Bag
Rose Gold Oriental Screen
Rose Gold Pillar
65 and 65
Rose Gold Barrier 55 and 55