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Motto: poster_0_desc
Release date: 2001
Rare Values
Category: Arcane Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The poster_0_name is a Super Rare on Habbo, notable for being an abnormally unloadable item with no image or icon. Its exact origins are unknown, although it is believed to have been scripted on in 2001-2002. Due to its rarity, most users sell it for high prices. until now it was thought that the poster_0_name only existed on but there are actually 4 sightings (while one of the users being deleted) of the poster on which makes it more likely to be scripted.

The name and description is 'poster_0_name' and 'poster_0_desc', respectively.

The infomatic box for Poster_0_name


There are 19 confirmed examples of the poster_0_name on

Owner Quantity Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
Zak 1 16-Aug-2021 Inactive DJ_Shadow Tribute
Zak 5 16-Aug-2021 Inactive In The Night Garden
Jes 1 02-Oct-2018 Inactive MY POSTERS
Khaosmuhaha 1 12-Nov-2020 Banned > Suomi Finland Perkele
Zh 1 02-Oct-2018 Banned v6
shoniidol 1 10-Sep-2020 Banned ok
AndyATW! 1 26-Oct-2020 Active Ultra Rare Trade
FrancoRR 5 11-Nov-2022 Active Aloe Auction House
SoFlo 1 28-Jan-2022 Banned ertert
sprite27 1 28-Jan-2022 Inactive NEED MONSTER PLANT BREEDING PARTNERS
GlamourModel 1 7-Feb-2022 Inactive 1234
SquidCharmer 1 23-Feb-2022 Active 21+ Oldschool Cool
Total 20

Sightings outside

Habbo NL

There are 6 confirmed examples of the poster_0_name on Out of these only one is on an active account.

Owner Quantity Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
Mr.Mitch 1 20-Dec-2020 Active planten&plasto&erea
pringlesman 1 10-Aug-2021 Deleted Dealers Ingang
SportBeha 1 14-Aug-2021 Inactive JunkFish.
Osseworst 1 16-Aug-2021 Inactive The Hub
::sart:: 1 16-Mar-2022 Inactive bij kamer voor de familie's
marcoali 1 20-Mar-2022 Inactive Cadeau's
Total 6


  • When viewed in the marketplace or in a trade window, the name of the furni is poster__name.
  • The Habbo camera is not able to save photographs of the furni.

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