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Release date: January 2005
Species: 24
Catalogue price: 20 Credits
250 Duckets

Cats are a popular type of Pet available on Habbo. Along with Dogs, they were the first to be released. Just like any other pet, Habbos are able to purchase Cats using the Catalogue under the Pet Shop section. Pet food and accessories can also be found in this section. All Cats are able to be trained by their owners and, by doing so, they level up, resulting in the owner completing achievements. In 2013, a new method was introduced to purchase Cats, which was with the use of Duckets. Cats are now able to be bought with either 250 Duckets or 20 Credits. Upon buying a Cat, you are able to choose a colour and a name for your pet. However, once the pet has been paid for, you are unable to change these settings.

The new release of Baby Pets has also introduced the ability to breed Cats, which, as a result, makes you an owner of a baby.

Available Species

As Cats were released so very long ago, more and more species were produced in recent years. There are currently 24 different cat species available for purchase, which are all listed below:

  • Sleepy Siamese
  • Purr-Sian
  • Lesser Spotted Longhair
  • Hidden Clause
  • Soft-Toed Sneaker
  • Cat Astroflea
  • Titchy Tiger
  • Burmese Buddy
  • Mad Mouser
  • Scaredy Kat
  • Wannabe Wildcat
  • Egyptian Angora
  • Freckled Feral
  • Felis Catus Allergicus
  • Bushy Bobtail
  • Haughty House Pet
  • Curiousity - The Return!
  • Furry Friend
  • Trusting Tabby
  • Bobcat Wailer
  • Caterwaul Kitty
  • Fabulous Feline
  • Matted Moggy Indoor Alley Cat
  • Cat Burglar