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Release date: September 2011
Species: 14
Catalogue price: 20 Credits

Monkeys are a Habbo pet which were introduced alongside the Lost Monkey app; initially the pet could only be obtained through this app. However after the discontinuation of the app in June 2014, they were made available in the catalogue for 20 Credits[1][2].

Monkeys are able to speak, being provided with a very sassy and rather eccentric personality. Otherwise, monkeys share the same characteristics as many other Habbo pets. Monkeys are also able to swim across water patches and each wear a black beret.


There are 14 different types of Monkeys; each named after the colour of the monkey. These being:

Name Image
Brown Monkey
Dark Brown Monkey
Light Brown Monkey
Red Monkey
Grey Monkey
Yellow Monkey
Pink Monkey
Blue Monkey
Purple Monkey
Beige Monkey
Violet Monkey
Orange Monkey
Albino Monkey
Olive Monkey

Seriously Weird Monkey

The Seriously Weird Monkey, also known as the Evil Monkey, was first released in October 2012 for the Haunted Carnival campaign, and was once again released in October 2019 as the first of nine Witches' Coven Special Pet breeds.

The monkey was bright red in colour with glowing eyes; upon first release it was available to purchase from the catalogue for 25 Credits and 125 Pumpkins

Rare Radioactive Monkey

In February of 2018, the Rare Radioactive Monkey was released into the catalogue to purchase for 25 Credits and 25 Diamonds.

It was green in colour with a purple beret.

Associated Furni

Various furniture items were created to coincide with the arrival of monkeys, including a banana to serve as pet food. This range is included under the header Monkey furni and can be purchased from the catalogue. The Monkey Pond can be used as a toy for your monkey by instructing it to "dip".

Name Image Price
Banana Tree 150 Duckets
Big Rock 1 Credit and 225 Duckets
Monkey Pond 1 Credit and 225 Duckets
Banana Drink Machine 18 Credits and 20 Diamonds
Palm Tree 4 Credits
Crystal Skull 3 Credits
Jack In The Box 3 Credits
Totem Poll 4 Credits


Default Dialogue

  • "Just so you know (username), I just had a huge vindaloo and three cups of very strong coffee... You might want to open a window."
  • "Did you bring anything scandalous?"
  • "Hey (username), did you pick up the latest issue of Animal House for me?"


  • "This is gonna go straight to my thighs..."

Having Fun

  • "I haven't been this happy since I found out Joe Jonas was a guy."
  • "This is more fun than base jumping!"

Low Happiness

  • "Give me a scratch. You have magic fingers."
  • "I don't understand you. Speak slow-lyyyy."
  • "I haven't been the same since Cindy left me for the hippo with the convertible."

Refusing to do Tricks

  • "Nope."
  • "No way."
  • "NEVER!"
  • "NEVAH!"
  • "I have no idea what you're saying."
  • "Uh-uh. Speak clearly, with words."
  • "What chu talkin' about Willis?"
  • "Say that again and I might smack you!"