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Release date: 23-Dec-2009
Species: 7
Catalogue price: 20c

Pigs are a well-known Pet available for purchase on Habbo. They were released into the catalogue late December 2009 as part of a Christmas campaign. Just like any other pet, Habbos can purchase Pigs using the Catalogue under the Pet Shop section. Pet food and accessories can also be found in this section. All Pigs can be trained by their owners and, by doing so, they level up, resulting in the owner completing achievements. A list of achievements can be found on our Pets (Achievements) page. Upon buying a Pig, you can choose a colour and a name for your pet. However, once the pet has been paid for, you are unable to change these settings.

The new release of Baby Pets has also introduced the ability to breed Pigs, which, as a result, makes you an owner of a baby. More information on breeding and baby pets can be found on our Baby Pets page.

Available Species

There are 7 different Pig species currently on the hotel. All cost the same price, just different colours or styles; the current available Species are listed below:

  • Roman Boar
  • Boar of Baskerville
  • Baby Boar
  • Freyjas Boar
  • Forest Boar
  • Devils Country Boar
  • Navy Boar


Pig Accessories can be found under the "Pets" section in the catalogue. Once you purchase a Pig, you will receive a Starter Pack with food in it - like any other pet purchases. You're encouraged to then go on and buy other accessories for your pets, such as water bowls, nests and toys - all ranging prices, normally very inexpensive.