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Release date: July 2011
Species: 10
Catalogue price: 20c

Turtles are a type of pet on Habbo. The turtles were released on July 5th, 2011 for the cost of 15 credits. Just like any other pet, Habbos are able to purchase Turtles using the Catalogue under the Pet Shop section. Pet food and accessories can also be found in this section. All Turtles are able to be trained by their owners and, by doing so, they level up, resulting in the owner completing achievements. A list of achievements can be found on our Pets (Achievements) page. Upon buying a Turtle, you are able to choose a colour and a name for your pet. However, once the pet has been paid for, you are unable to change these settings. They currently cost 20 credits.


There are several different breeds of turtles, these include:

Name Image
Snapping Turtle
Diamondback Turtle
Sea Turtle
Kooper Trooper
Pond Turtle
Spotted Turtle
Yertle Turtle
Sewer Turtle
Desert Turtle

Picasso Turtle

The Picasso Turtle is a rare breed of Turtle that has only been in the catalogue on three occasions.

Name Image
Picasso Turtle


Every user who purchased the Picasso Turtle in 2011 received a badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 280 different users have the badge.


The turtle was released again in 2014 to celebrate World Turtle Day. Every user who purchased the Turtle at this time received a badge.

According to HabboWidgets, 107 different users have the badge.


The turtle was released for the third time in January 2019 and did not come with a badge.

Turtles Through Time?

When Turtles were originally released, they were partnered with the new Black Holes that were made available around the same time. Sulake brought a competition for this, which asked users to create a story of where the Habbo Turtles come from, suggesting they could have come out of the Black Holes.

Players had to send in their entries for the origin on Turtles. The stories had to include fun facts about Turtles as well as information about Black Holes and how they arrived on Habbo. The genre could be whatever the player wanted as long as it was short and one paragraph long.

The competition was open for a few days and prizes for the top 20 entries would be a Travelling Turtle Badge and 30 runners up would win 2 Shrimp Pet Food for their Pet Turtle.


  • Woody7!
  • SupaSk8er
  • Sits
  • Signature
  • RedRumTime
  • Red
  • -LuizSuarez-
  • Melona
  • L23KingJames
  • CJVX
  • Bathin
  • Acuminous
  • 12joey13
  • @rmylove
  • @@SaRa@@00
  • Eshnesh
  • :.LuvU.:
  • Habbies
  • Moffins

Runners Up:

  • .:MRDAN:. / YellowSnap / Xlittle-devilx / Wizhared / TopazPassionz / Tony.Montana / Tippy911 / PurpleDonut / ParaAct / Oobylicious
  • Nvr / Meerkashy / Matt2205 / Magicz12 / lll3lucky / Kauru89 / Jssy / Jacko880 / Haute / HappyBox
  • Donald-LaFrata. / DJDemonLive / Detorah / DemonicDarkness / Chidiva / Candyblock / BellaJeuna / ASummerMelody / A-n-na / ::.Leah.::3


If stories weren't a player's fortes then they could also enter the graphics competition available at the same time. They had to give the pet Turtle a new shell by downloading the Turtle template.

The possibilities were left open as Habbo suggested that Pixel Art wasn't needed, but could be done by players if they wanted. They could also print out the template, scan it in and draw on it. The only rule was that copying other player's work would lead to disqualification.

The top 20 entries would receive the Travelling Turtle Badge and the 30 runners up would get the 2 Shrimp Pet Food for their pet Turtle.


  • .-Thyme-.
  • Amacuso
  • BlackSymphony
  • BlueLightning
  • CrispyTaco
  • Hinut
  • Georgieey
  • Lostmyflapjacks
  • LovedOne
  • Makeshiftxsoul
  • OhMyItzAsh
  • Planifolia
  • Sick.Boy.Wow
  • Stacey1397,
  • Steinar197
  • TopazPassionz
  • Twiloghtroks3
  • Victor24
  • Imperatous
  • JaniceD

Runners Up:

  • ,Atrocity / .::Katie::.3 / .x---hazel. / :Sophie. / AboutYou? / Asia-g / Astronomist / Bathin / Cutematildababe / Deegers
  • Emmar / Eshnesh / GTA / KM09 / Mintson18 / Moe?hawk / MONEYMAGIC / Monolith / Nudgie / PearTree
  • Plutonioo / Shadradow / Shovel / Smurf.mad.kyle / SUPERchips / Tigger99945 / Tiumen / TravisJS / x.Paris.Hilton.x / xox!omg!xox

Save The Baby Turtles

Players had to work as a team to ensure the baby Turtles were safe and away from harm. The team had to work together to bring the hatched baby Turtle to the waterfront where it would be safe; the Turtle would be represented by a single Green Pura Furni and they had until the Kitchen Inspector reached the water to complete the course. If both of the teams didn't make it then they lost and the Turtle was back in harm's way.

The Turtle, the Green Pura could either follow the right or wrong light, if they followed the wrong one the team had to start again in a bid to beat the clock. Once the Turtle reached the waterfront the team won and the winners got teleported to the winning area.

The prize for this was the Turtle Games badge and there were 3 rooms players could enter to win.