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A view of the Marketplace

The Marketplace is something that Habbo created and added to the client back in 2010 to help with users who wish to buy and sell items. Some people also use the Marketplace to check the values of the latest furniture, Rares and other items.

Selling an Item

Selling an item in the Marketplace is simple and can be explained in just a few steps:

  • Firstly, open your inventory and select the item you wish to sell. After selecting the item click "Sell in Marketplace" which will then open a new window full of item statistics such as the name of the item, picture, description, and its current Marketplace price.
  • Then, set a price. Please note that once you have set a price, an additional 1 credit will be added onto the asking price as a consumers fee (you are not charged for this addition).
  • After setting a price click "Post item." Once you've posted the item, it will stay up for 48 hours. If no one buys your item during this time, it will then be returned to your inventory.
  • Once/If your item sells it will display on the "My Sales" tab. Simply select "Get credits" to obtain your credits.

Buying an Item

Buying an item from the Marketplace is also simple, if not simpler than purchasing an item:

  • Firstly, search for the item you wish to buy in the Marketplace. If you're looking for a specific item, you should click the "Advanced" tab within the offers menu. Once there, search for the item you're looking for (if you only know part of the name of the item, that's fine. Just type in what you know and search and it will try and find the item).
  • After you have found your item, check the price and select 'Buy.' You will notice it also has an "Average Price" - this is what the average price of the item is. Sometimes, if it's a lot higher than the average price, it's not worth buying. After buying, your credits will be deducted, and the item will be added to your inventory.

Item Statistics

You can find item statistics by selecting 'Item info' button which is located to the right of the item. The figures show the average price over the past seven days, a graph illustrating the average price from the past 30 days, and also a graph oh the trade volume (in the next tab). These statistics, particularly the graphs, are often found useful when looking to buy or sell an item.

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