Super Rares

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Super Rares
Release date: 2004
Value: Habbox Rare Values

Super Rares are furni items that are above 500 to 5000 credits or less than 100 observable examples in the hotel. For the purpose of this article, this page reflects on what is found on Most of these items were released under these conditions: competition prize, accidental release, staff gift, compensation, promotional, and/or Scripted items, which are later adopted by Habbo Staff. Untradeable and/or Promotional items that are in the possession of regular users will be included in this article. Although they hold no value, they can be classified under Super Rares or Ultra Rares depending on observable examples since they were achieved through the above conditions.

The only items excluded from this list include:

Please see Ultra Rares for furni items that are above 5000 credits or less than 20 observable examples in the hotel.

Version 7

Includes items originally released during Version 7 (2004-2006).

Name Image
Golden Dragon
Silver Dragon Lamp
Bronze Dragon Lamp
Purple Ice Cream Maker
Pink Ice Cream Maker
Turquoise Giant Pillow
Black Giant Pillow
Pink Marquee
White Marquee
Purple Smoke Machine
Violet Smoke Machine
Pink Smoke Machine
Doric Pink Marble Pillar
Turquoise Laser Portal

Version 7 (Recolours)

These items are recolours of classic version 7 rares that were released in later years via various crackable items.

Name Image
Diamond Dragon Lamp
Maroon Dragon Lamp
Azure Dragon Lamp
Emerald Dragon Lamp
Teal Dragon Lamp
Rose Gold Dragon Lamp

Version 11

Name Image
Army Sleeping Bag
Lime Sleeping Bag


Name Image Description
Gold Habbo Trophy Gold Habbo trophy
Silver Habbo Trophy Silver Habbo trophy
Bronze Habbo Trophy Bronze Habbo trophy
2009 Habbo Trophy Winner of a 2009 Habbo of the Year competition
Solo Bubbles Trophy Glittery gold
Duo Bubbles Trophy Glittery gold
Golden Man-Eating Plant Trophy For being a world-class breeder! Oh yeah, baby...
Gold Hotel Prize Trophy For bright-shining stars such as you!
Golden EMA Trophy Winner of the Golden MTV EMA Awards!
Emerald Trophy For building an awesome room!


Name Image
Amber Floor Rug
Army Plasto Chair
Parasol (White Parasol)


Name Image
Talk To FRANK Brain Lamp
Aqua Slurpee Machine
Blueberry Slurpee Machine
Pink Slurpee Machine
Idea Agency Teleporters
Ditch The Label Flag Machine

Animal Statues

Name Image Motto
Light Blue Hippo January 2015
Red Hippo January 2015
Bluesky Hippo February 2015
Purple Hippo June 2015
Chlorophyll Hippo October 2015
Obsidian Anteater May 2022


Name Image Motto
Piggy Pirate Flag Now you've seen everything. Pigs are flying!
Le Diner Food's Up!
Map of Finland You know where to put it
Totem Spirit Head Which animal are you? 2/3 of the Totem - May 2009
Totem Planet Cosmic powers lie in within...
Pear Tree You'll want a pair of these...
Orange Tree Actually, the tree is green...
Habbowood Chair
Blue Submarine We all live in a...
Ultramarine We all live in a...
Time Machine A journey to the fourth dimension
Steampunk Gramophone The future of music?
Steampunk Zeppelin Keep away from open flames!
Steam Punk Guitar Steam powered riffs of glory.
Lollipop Tree
Designer's Easel
Builder's Easel

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