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Release date: January 2003
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

Lodge is a line of furniture on Habbo which has been featured in the Shop since Habbo's opening with only two change being made; which were the introduction of the Bardesk and the removal of the Barrel Minibar from the catalogue. There are many items within the category ranging from beds to barrels to doors. The Lodge range features wooden furniture which makes it an especially appealing range to use when trying to create a homely, rustic atmosphere in a room. Lodge made a return to the Catalogue on 24th January 2014, along with Iced.

The original description in the catalogue was:

“For that 1970s ski-lodge effect especially good by an open fire. The Lodge Collection is for Habbos who like plain and simple good quality, honesty and a bit of adventure. This collection makes your room a welcoming, pub-like comfort zone conducive to both fire-side chats and wild nights in.”


Name Image Furniture Motto
Lodge Candle Old-world charm.
Single Bed Rustic charm for one.
Double Bed King-sized pine comfort.
Barrel Minibar It's a barrel of laughs and great talking.
Dining Table For informal dining.
Occasional Table Practical and beautiful.
Bench To complete the dining set.
Stool Rustic charm at its best.
Barrel Stool The ultimate recycled Furni.
Table Lamp Ambient lightingn is essential.
Room Divider I wooden go there.
Bookcase For fire-side stories.
Corner Plinth Good solid wood.
Gate (Lockable) Knock, knock...
Lodge Bardesk Great for any ski-lodge!
Fireplace Authentic and cozy.

New Additions

The Lodge furniture line wasn't added to or updated for years. However, in 2015 during the Habbo 15 anniversary celebration 3 new furniture were added to the line.

Name Image Motto
Lodge Floor Crafted from the finest alpine wood.
Log Wall Crafted from the finest alpine wood.
Lodge Window Www... wa... waa... was that a bear?!


  • The Bar was previously named "Lodge Bardesk".
  • The Barrel Minibar was 1x2 in dimension before the Beta update, where it was resized to 1x1. The extra tile used to be in front of the hatch.
  • The shop icon for the Bar is one of the few furniture that are missing transparency in the middle.

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