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Habbox is a fansite for Habbo. The staff are divided into different departments who all work together to ensure the smooth running of the site. Habbox is also the only fansite who takes an extra step to make sure it constantly improves itself, and it can be said Habbox is the only genuine fansite around, with lots to offer as well as constant maintenance of its unique brands, such as competitions, rare values, wiki/content design, help desk and more. Habbox also has a fair staff approach, and that no one is given a FastPass to senior positions and above - only those who are deserving get promoted and have to show their worth by working their way up, starting as a normal/trialist staff. In this way, a professional-friendly balance is kept - and there is no bias but there is a reward for hard work, and if one fall below standards, preparations to leave might have to be made.


Habbox's departments are divided into teams of staff members dedicated to an individual task. For example, there is the Radio team (HabboxLive) or the Articles team, etc. This makes it much easier for all the activity of the staff members to be managed effectively using department managers, and senior/head department staff. Previously departments have been split into two categories, Content and Community with an Assistant General Manager who would oversee each side. However now all General Managers oversee all departments.

Current Departments

The current departments on Habbox include;