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Habbox has had a very long, and not always smooth sailing history. Throughout the years, Habbox has had to adapt to the changing standards of the internet and now operates very differently to the way it first began.


2003 - 2005


Habbox was initially the pet project of Mizki, a former UK Hobba. Habbox was one of the original fansites ever created for Habbo and was an official fansite for many years, until the new Fansite Way deemed all fansites equal. From the moment Habbox was opened, it has maintained a large community and has always been a first-choice fansite for many players.

Almost from the day it started, Habbox was a hit with the Habbo community. Naturally, Habbox needed many staff to help run the site and maintain interest to ensure people kept coming back. One person who made the largest impact on Habbox at this early


stage was a Habbo called Sierk. He developed Habbox on what was originally an offer, before taking a more active and managerial stance at Habbox. After he implemented many of his ideas, Mizki handed ownership on to him. This paved the way for many brand new features, including Rare Values which was the most important impact Habbox ever made on Habbo, before the implementation of the Marketplace

Under the Management of the former Hotel Manager, Callie, Habbox became one of the first official fansites, barely a year after opening. With this newfound acclaim came great rewards for Habbox. In the Habbo Awards of 2004, with an astonishing 60% of the vote, Habbox was voted 'Best Fansite' by the users. Habbox was also awarded 'Most Helpful Male' which was awarded to the then HxHD Manager, DJ-3000, as well as 'Best Radio Station' of the year.

Just a few short months after receiving the awards, Habbox, unfortunately, lost its official fansite status. Due to an incident on HabboxForum involving several members and Callie, the Hotel Manager, she removed Habbox's official status, swearing that it would never be regained.

2006 - 2008

Despite losing its status as an official fansite, Habbox continued as the UK's favourite and most popular fansite. Not only did loyal users keep using it, but thousands of new users registered due to careful promotion.

In 2006 Habbox Rare Values had come of age though was rocked by scandals in 2007 such as the controversial Samovar Crisis which led to stiff competition from other fansites such as HHGS and Vodor.net for the next year or two. Habbox though would go on to continue its dominance of the rare values market even against surging rivals on Habbo UK until the merge of all the English-speaking hotels.

Over the next two years, Habbox began to grow. There were now three officially affiliated sites of Habbox - HabboxLive, HabboxForum and HabboxWorld - all of which catered for many thousands of users per day, from those who tuned into the radio to users around the world who enjoyed chatting about Habbo, Habbox, Real Life issues and everything in between.

Official Fansite Badge

On the 9th May 2008, Habbox once again became an official fansite. After the former Hotel Manager, Callie, left office and the ex-UK Hotel Manager Lost_Witness took her place, Habbo launched a new application process for fansites to become official. During this process, members of both the Habbox and Habbo public voted for Habbox to be given back its status as an official fansite. Not only did Habbox become official once more, but a new title of 'Gold Tier Fansite' was introduced to the 2 fansites which received the most votes as people's favourite. Habbox came in first place, with ClubHabbo a close second, which put them both in the top fansite category. From then on, Habbox kept its official status until the removal of this feature.
In September 2008, just 4 months after being voted Habbo's number one fansite, Habbox was nominated for, and also won the following awards: 'Best Fansite News' 'Best Fansite Features' 'Best Fansite Forum', and the most prestigious award, 'Best Overall Favourite Fansite'.

2009 - 2011

Old Habbox Logo

2009 saw the eagerly anticipated Version 4 of Habbox. Despite being greeted with mixed reviews (as it was drastically different to Version 3), it was a welcome change to keep up with an ever changing face of fansites which Habbox often moved in sync with. Many managerial changes also happened in 2009 – the most important was that of the long-time serving member of staff, Jin. He had been staff for many years; an administrator on HabboxForum and technician, dealing with Habbox sites issues and problems, until he was promoted to Assistant General Manager, Acting General Manager, then a few weeks later, Co-Owner, working alongside Sierk. To this day, Jin liases with the General Management team to run the site on a day-to-day basis.


In 2010, after almost 5 years of the same system, Habbox got a totally new Rare Values system. The tool which had made Habbox so famous and useful to its users was starting to become a little out of date and difficult to maintain with such a high volume of new rares to add and value. The high volume was also helped by the introduction of the MarketPlace in Habbo, allowing Rare Values management were able to keep the values up to date much quicker.

In the Summer of 2010, Sulake decided that they were going to merge all English speaking hotels. This meant that the American, Australian, Canadian, English and Singaporean hotels would be merged into one. Habbox would have to cater for thousands of new users the merge brought with it, putting a lot of pressure on the management and staff. Until this point, Habbox had had little success with International affairs, but the merge brought a wide variety of new users, and today still remains the most popular fansite.

2011 also bought many changes for Habbox. In March 2011, the eagerly anticipated Version 6 arrived (Version 5 was missed somewhere in Version 4 updates). The staff put in a lot of effort to make sure it was successfully released, and many thought it was the best layout Habbox had ever seen. It incorporated many brand-new features which no other fansite had ever seen, including moveable content boxes, widgets, interactive content and so much more.

2012 - 2019 (present-day)

At the beginning of 2012 Habbox Wiki was made accessible to the public and since then has gone on to achieve a total of 1,385 Wiki pages as of early 2015: making it the most comprehensive database of Habbo history and information ever compiled.

In the Summer of 2012, Habbox management announced the release of Version 7, under a thread in Habbox Forum entitled ‘Coming Soon’. It was also announced that HabboxLive will lose its autonomy and will be integrated with the main Habbox site with V7. Habboxlive will still be run as an independent department however will be based on the main Habbox site opposed to having its own separate URL. Towards the end of March 2015, Felix the then Site Manager announced that he would be releasing access to version seven in beta form. General Management and Department management were among the first users to gain access to the site with other user groups anticipated to soon follow suit.

Habbox TV

HabboxTV was a department set up in 2005. Working from www.habboxtv.com they produced Habbo style flash videos similar to real life programmes. The department went through themes such as Halloween themed programmes and Christmas themed programmes and even produced some well-known soaps such as Eastenders. HabboxTV was also sometimes known in short at HxTV.


HabboxTV produced many great programmes, including the likes of Habboenders, The Street and Big Brother. Habboenders was the same as the well-known BBC soap Eastenders, the street was based on another well-known soap from ITV, Coronation Street and Big Brother was an annual event. Just like the real world Big Brother where “housemates” live in a house, in this case, it was a bunch of Habbo rooms connected via linking Teleporters, and the Habbox members voted each week who they would like to see eliminated. Other programmes included Doctor Who, Cyanide and a Habbo Tango advert.

Roles within HabboxTV

HabboxTV required a lot of work and effort to maintain the constant production of programmes to keep the audience entertained. To do this, the management separated the staff roles to focus on key areas. These key areas where HabboxTV Website Staff, HabboxTV Writers, HabboxTV Flash Editors and Actors. There was a lot of work involved from writing the initial script to be used in the programme, to creating the set, which meant setting up multiple rooms, to acting without making Typo’s and another mistake that would disrupt the filming.

After that came all the technical work. The filming then had to be edited and merged to create one smooth programme, after this had been done and the file had been completed and converted into flash, it was ready for release upon the HabboxTV site by the website staff and this is where the programmes were viewed.

Former HabboxTV Management

Role Date Name
HabboxTV Manager 25-Apr-2005 :MotleyFool
HabboxTV Manager 02-Jul-2005 Jovv
HabboxTV Manager 09-Aug-2005 Infontation
HabboxTV Manager 02-Oct-2005 Eckuii
HabboxTV Manager 30-Apr-2006 Mr.Comedian
HabboxTV Manager 26-Jun-2006 Therutlishboy
HabboxTV Manager 17-Sept-2006 Johnz
Assistant HabboxTV Manager 25-Sept-2006 GoldenMerc

The End of HabboxTV

HabboxTV had been through two successful years, however, the levels of interest had started to drop. As time went on the HxTV audience kept decreasing and decreasing until it was decided that the amount of work required to continue producing programmes was too much when there weren’t many people watching them. On the 20th of June 2007, the general manager —MAD— announced that HabboxTV was to close with immediate effect. All HxTV staff were released and the department was history. —MAD— said that the programmes would be made available on Habbox.com however over time these videos have been lost and many people have searched for them, but they were never found.


HabboxWorld was a venture set up in 2007 by Sierk after the closure of the international arms of Habbox which had failed to launch and had become a waste of money and resource. The idea of HabboxWorld was for it to be a place for all international Habbox activities to be held. Due to a decline in its popularity HabboxWorld was later closed to the public in 2008 and was then used as a testing ground for Habboxforum.


After the failure to launch Habbox in Canada and Australia, Habbox Management decided that they needed to do something to try and raise the international profile of Habbox. Instead of starting from scratch, in 2007 the separate international forums were all merged into one, thus, HabboxWorld was born. The site remained relatively popular through 2007 and held many international events and gained several members of staff who went on to managerial positions at Habbox from overseas. As there was still a developing community at HabboxWorld a lot of users found themselves moving over to HabboxForum, a larger and UK based forum where they discovered more about Habbox.

2008 (Closure

Unfortunately due to the failure of the international arm of Habbox to well and truly take the community was closed down. After around only a year, the site was closed down which meant that there were no longer any international sites to the Habbox franchise. Management and members of staff were all offered jobs at HabboxForum and Habbo. Some members who transferred from one site to the other then went on to become General Management including Mr.OSH (formerly opensourcehost) who at the time of the closure was Co-Forum Manager with Yoshimitsui who also became a Forum Administrator at HabboxForum.

2010 Onwards

In 2010 it was announced that all English speaking hotels were to merge. This meant that the UK, USA, CA, AU and SG hotels were all to merge. The UK hotel was the last to merge with the first four hotels on the 10th June 2010. This opened up a whole new can of worms for Habbox which had previously been sealed shut. There were now hundreds of thousands of new users who very little of had heard of Habbox before. Habbox run many successful events and competitions to entice some of these people from all over the globe to join Habbox of which many did. Habbox remains an extremely popular fansite, even more so now than ever with the merger of all five hotels. Habbox now has a much more diverse range of staff, members and features to offer its ever-growing fanbase.

Notable People

As with any fansite, there are many people who help keep the site up and running. This is no different with HabboxWorld. Three main, notable people who kept the site running over the two years were Joshuar (International Assistant General Manager), Yoshimitsui (Forum Manager) and Mr.OSH (Forum Manager).


HabboxLive is currently operating nearly 24/7 with DJs from across the world. The radio is the longest established from any fansite and has won numerous awards and praise for its excellence over the years. The aim of HabboxLive is to provide a platform of entertainment, for teens by teens. The history below is a general overview of how this gem has developed over the years into the well established and respected radio it is today.


The history of the radio begins back in August 2004 when jrh2002 and Wayne_J felt Habbox would benefit from having its own radio. jrh2002 purchased HabboxRadio.com and Wayne_J who, as the technician, helped to create the radio as a secret project without the most the Habbox Staff knowing about it, including Sierk and Mizki. The idea came about because Mizki was DJing on another Habbo radio site and was a huge success. A radio for Habbox would attract lots of new people to the site as DJs and listeners. At its height, Habbox Radio managed to get over 400 listeners and regularly had over 300 listeners.

Around this time, HabboxLive also garnered the extremely prestigious award for ‘Best Habbo Radio’ in the first ever Habbo Fansite Awards. This was a monumental achievement, which also meant HabboxRadio getting an article in the weekly Habbowood Happenings.


Around the September of 2005, there was a disagreement between Habbox and Habbo, and sadly this affected quite a few of the staff at Habbox Radio due to a lot being Hobbas and Habbo staff. So jrh2002, who was caught in the middle, decided in order to keep the radio that had been worked so hard on at its current high standard it would need to be rebranded and move away from Habbox or else lose most of its top DJs. The radio was changed from Habbox Radio to Radio Habbo where most, if not all, of Habbox Radio's staff continued working.

The split of Habbox Radio from Habbox that Sierk was in a tricky situation as Habbox did not have a radio branded under its name anymore. On the 29th October 2005, HabboxLive was born thanks to a Habbo called, Kristian.K10 who later either sold or gave the site to Sierk. It was first managed by Bi!!y with the help of two assistants, namely —MAD— and Aquae who later changed her name to Acqua, both of whom later resigned to take up other positions with Habbox.

2006 - 2007

The period of 2006/07 was one of very strong growth for HabboxLive. Bi!!y remained HabboxLive Manager until the February of 2006 when he then became the Assistant Site Manager for the radio, and two new Managers were announced, Angel-Light who was previously Bi!!!y’s assistant and Barkseh. Barkseh later left HabboxLive on a sour note and his Head DJ, Adzeh took the reigns. Adzeh was seen by many as a strong manager. During this period, the radio was added to the main Habbox site and that increased listener flow.

By January 2007, HabboxLive started hitting triple listener figures. The radio was most stable during this period, with DJs staying at the department for a long time and lots of interesting shows being introduced, such as ‘The Vault’, ‘Primetime Live’ and ‘Chatterbox’. By September 2007, Adzeh felt that it was time to resign and both he and his assistant Angel-Light called it quits.

Sierk wanted somebody with management experience. jrh2002 did ask about becoming a joint manager or assistant to ,Jess, as he always believes promoting from within is the best way to keep the staff happy but it’s not the way Habbox management wanted it to be done. jrh2002 set about getting a lot more DJ’s and altering a few things to try and give the radio a much-needed boost and get it on air 24/7 as it had been a little neglected for a little while during the process of the previous management leaving. jrh2002 made ,Jess, assistant manager and it wasn’t long before he passed the responsibility of being radio manager to her.

2008 - 2009

On 10 October 2007 jrh2002 resigned from Habbox Live after a couple of months due to a difference of opinion in management and going onto a higher post within Habbox. When ,Jess, became manager she soon appointed her assistant manager, H0BJ0B. Together they saw HabboxLive hit its strongest point since it opened, with listeners often hitting 400. HabboxLive further developed with daily news updates, which continued until the DJ doing it was dismissed. Both Jess and H0BJ0B would continue developing the radio by implementing special hours such as an event called ‘Flashback’ in which every hour would be a different decade of music. This strength continued further when H0BJ0B resigned and Melsia became the assistant manager.

2010 - 2011

By 2010 HabboxLive started to dwindle slightly in terms of listeners and DJ quality. By this period, HabboxLive was starting to grow further internationally, with a build-up of DJs from various nationalities. On the 7 October 2010, ,Jess, resigned from her post as HabboxLive Manager, after nearly 3 years on the job - a monumental achievement. She was replaced by her Australian assistant Gems,x.

Gems,x focused on getting the radio back on track by improving the radio on-air time, creating more interesting shows such as the ‘Eurovision Hour’ and slowly re-building on the listeners that were lost in the management transition. She had relative success with this, however, the General Manager at the time was unhappy with HabboxLive’s progress and re-instated ,Jess, as manager on 24 January 2011.

From February 2011, DJs were split into 4 groups, with one Head DJ taking care of each group, sending feedback PMs on shows etc. ,Jess, also implemented a number of massive events such various giveaways, listener challenges, competitions, call-in shows, dedicated hours to various kinds of music etc. This proved out to be an extreme success and meant the listeners often started to hit the triple digits again by the end of February.

HabboxLive Productions

HabboxLive is also well known for its singing competition, HabboxStarz. This is one of Habbo’s biggest singing contests in which users send in voice clips of themselves singing and they get played on HabboxLive, these clips are then voted on by other listeners. Eventually, one person is named the winner and gets their hands on some prizes. As well as HabboxStars, the staffs are also known to have a sing-song. This happens once a year in the Christmas period. Habbox Aid is a special feature that Christmas VIP users get, they can enter the Habbox Aid to sing Habbox’s own rendition of a Christmas song. Money raised from Christmas VIP goes to a charity of the HabboxForum members’ choice. You can listen to the songs created in the years 2006 – 2010.


Habbox’s forum was originally founded in February 2004 by the two founding owners of Habbox, Mizki and Sierk. Unfortunately, a few short months later all of the data needed to keep the forum running was lost. This left its owners in turmoil as they didn’t know what to do and it seemed as though the forum wouldn’t return. Fortunately, jrh2002 offered to restart a brand new vBulletin forum and thus the forum returned as we know it is today and has been her ever since.

2004 - 2006

Originally Mizki and Sierk set up their own board of forums on the main Habbox site using the URL Habbox.com/Forum. These forums were launched to the public in February 2004 as a place to chat and discuss all of the latest things happening in the Habbo and real worlds. The boards ran for three months relatively problem free until one fateful night in June 2004 when all of the database information was foolishly lost by a member of Site Management.

Shortly after the forums went down, jrh2002 came to Habbox Management with a proposal to start his own forum called HabboxForum.com and that he would set up the initial forum and cover all running costs, thus HabboxForum.com was born. HabboxForum remained the property of jrh2002 until 2005 when he became a Hobba in the UK. This meant that full ownership of the site was passed on to Sierk.

It is on these forums that caused so much controversy in 2005 when details and remarks were made about the then Hotel Manager, Callie. It was there she saw these threads which ultimately resulted in the removal of Habbox.com’s official status. Despite that, HabboxForum continued on to become one of the most popular Habbo forums in the world.

2007 - 2009

During 2007 and through into 2008 the role was starting to become a defunct managerial role with other people on board as members of staff who did different aspects of the job, which meant that the role was starting to falter. In June 2008, with the appointment of a new ‘Forum Manager, the role was renamed and responsibilities redefined as ‘Moderation Manager’. At the same time, a new ‘Community Manager’ role was created and was filled for someone to concentrate on the community side of the forum as the forum had boomed over the last four years and was bursting at the seams with over 5,000,000 threads.

Nearing the end of 2008, Sulake announced several shake-ups to fansites in the way they operate. As all Habbo fansites have to abide by the Fansite rules set by Sulake the changes which came had a massive impact on Habbox and HabboxForum in particular. New rules meant that it was no longer possible for Habbox to charge users for a ‘premium service’ which was sold as VIP and VIP+. This was a massive dilemma for Habbox as most of the running costs were covered by the sale of VIP. However, in 2009 the then General Manager aggressively liaised with Sulake management and rules were relaxed slightly in early 2009 which allowed Habbox to sell a service which is known as ‘Donor’ or ‘Donator’ which bears no special privileges bar a coloured username. This helped the then-struggling owners, Sierk and Jin with the running costs of Habbox which was and still is subsidised by them.

With the new Fansite rule changes came more changes to the management structure of HabboxForum. The role of ‘Moderation’ and ‘Community Manager’ was to be removed and replaced with one role of ‘Forum Manager’ The idea of these two separate roles had initially been a good one but after almost eight months General Management realised that it wasn’t really working and that a more clearly defined role of a ‘Forum Manager’ was needed.

2010 - 2011

2010 started with talks and speculation of a new generation of Habbox and a brand new version this year. This also brought about change for HabboxForum. With the introduction of a brand new version of vBulletin 4.0 came many complications for Forum and General Management. With the new versions of the forum coming out, HabboxForum needed to move with the times but this meant that all of the 10 skins at the time which were on offer to users would not be compatible with the new version. After months of hard work and dedication on behalf of one individual over the span of several months brand new versions of the old skins were coded and brand new ones were also introduced with the new changes.

The brand new version of the forum software meant that the forum could be a lot more interactive and interesting for its users. Enter the introduction of the Forum Awards scheme. Users could now earn badges and awards for many different causes, winning events to name one of many. Since its introduction in 2010, there have been over 60 awards released for users to collect and win.


2012 didn’t bring with it much change apart from a change to reputation ranks. With many users with receiving more and more reputation points, the current reputation rank system became outdated. It is used to show someone’s status on the forum and the former system did not reflect that. The new updates ranks reflect people’s status more accurately according to their total reputation points. However, in March 2013 Habboxforum introduced a reward system called ‘Tokens’. Every time a user made any interaction on the forum they would receive X amount of points. Points could be received for posting around the forum, participating in polls, referring members to the forum etc. After amassing a certain amount of tokens, users can use those tokens to purchase services on the forum. Services on offer are generally things which are unavailable such as VIP, name changes etc. The reward system was well received as everyone is automatically participating as soon as they sign up and also for the rewards users can receive.


In 2005 a new administration based role was introduced to HabboxForum, that was the role of the ‘VIP Manager’. The role of the VIP manager was to deal with all VIP (and later VIP+) questions, queries, issues and the initial set up of the actual VIP when purchased via SMS. The role has been an extremely vital role over the past 6 years of which only a small handful of people have held this role.

In 2009 the role of ‘VIP Manager’ was merged with a brand new role of ‘Features Manager’. Since the introduction of the role, only three people have held it and at any one time, there have been just two people in the role. Each of the Features Manager takes a different role, one will deal with Usertitles and other related updates and issues whilst the other will be responsible for the setting up and solving of any problems which pop up with Donor or VIP. Although each will mainly do their own role they’re not exclusive to that role and are able to do as they wish if updates are waiting to be made.

Another role which was set up was that of the ‘Debates Leader’. The role was created in 2009 by Forum Management to help prompt healthy and monitored discussion and debates. Controversial topics have been discussed over the years and users can also win prizes and awards for contributing the best or most to these debates.