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Habbox Olympics was an event that ran in June 2012 to coincide with London 2012. Because Habbox Summer Spectacular is usually hosted during the summer when the Olympics was being hosted, the Habbox Olympics was pushed back to June instead. The event ran for two weeks and had 19 teams sign up to the tournament.

Each team was a team of 3 players and each team name was the name of the 'country' that they represented. The team names did not necessarily correspond with actual countries. Whitney Houston was the name of one team, for example. Taking part in events and competitions (like a standard tournament) awarded medals for the teams. The team with the most medals at the end of the event won.

The winners were as follows:

Flamania - 483 medals

Yet - 284 medals
Red - 140 medals
surf.mad.kyle - 137 medals

Sweden - 285 medals

orientalframe? – 71 medals
Paige. - 129 medals
McDonalds - 85 medals

New Zealand - 281 medals

JerseyShore – 49 medals
1umbrella1 - 60 medals
lawrawrrr - 172 medals

The Habbox Olympics is best known for occurring during the same time as The Great Mute. This meant that events that were usually hosted had to be altered and changed to accommodate the mute with events hosts and players holding up signs and using traditional furni, such as one-way gates, so losing players could exit the game rather than using the wired that was usually available. Instead, a forum was set up and because the players could not communicate during the game, this meant the forum was frequently used for discussion. This set-up did not always go smoothly. During events, events hosts could not listen to feedback or respond to issues, including an event Inseriousity. hosted where a simple fix could've solved the problems. Because he was busy hosting, he was unable to review the thread and see the suggestions until after the event had finished.