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Like other official fansites, Habbox has had the chance over the years to run official badge events on the hotel. The Room Builders department builds the games, while the Graphics staff create the badges.

Official Badges

Below you can see a list of all events run by Habbox since they began in February 2013.

Date Event Badge Badge designer Event description
Feb 2013 Habbox Maze Winner UK187.gif Nick
Jul 2013 Habbox anniversary badge NT233.gif lawrawrrr Habbox's 10th anniversary event
Jan 2014 Habbox Official Fansite Event Feb UK270.gif Valentines 2013 event
Feb 2014 Purple Rose Badge UK279.gif
Apr 2014 HabbCrazy + Habbox Easter 2014 UK322.gif
May 2014 Habbox Memorial Day Badge UK340.gif Memorial Day event
Jun 2014 Habbox Father's Day UK346.gif Father's Day event
Jul 2014 Habbox Moon Landing UK364.gif Celebrating 45 years since the first Moon Landing
Aug 2014 Habbox Friendship Day Event badge UK371.gif Friendship day 2014
Sep 2014 Back 2 School with Habbox UK390.gif Drew Back 2 School
Oct 2014 Habbox Habboween Event 2014 UK404.gif lawrawrrr Halloween - Haunted House
Nov 2014 Diabetes Awareness with Habbox and HabbCrazy UK414.gif Paige. Diabetes Awareness event
Dec 2014 12 Days of Christmas: Day 6 HS063.gif
Feb 2015 You celebrated Chinese New Year 2015 with Habbox and HabbCrazy! DE232.gif Chinese New Year 2015
Feb 2015 You celebrated Chinese New Year 2015 with Habbox and HabbCrazy! UK452.gif Chinese New Year 2015
Mar 2015 Habbox Murder Mystery Mayhem UK457.gif lawrawrrr
Apr 2015 Earth Day 2015 with Habbox and HabboShire UK465.gif lawrawrrr Earth Day
May 2015 World Cultural Diversity Day 2015 UK472.gif
Jun 2015 Summer Solstice 2015 UK482.gif
Aug 2015 Habbox Carnival Weekend IT384.gif Carnival weekend, as part of that year's Habbox Summer Spectacular
Sep 2015 Back to School 2015 with Habbox UK514.gif
Oct 2015 Fright Night with HFFM and Habbox UK530.gif Halloween 2015 event
Nov 2015 Gnome Invasion: Annhililating gnomes in Africa part 2! UK500.gif dbgtz
Dec 2015 Habbox Christmas Elf Quest UK552.gif Christmas 2015 event based on the film Elf
Feb 2016 Habbox Valentine's Event 2016 UK582.gif Mrs Plant Valentine's 2016 event
Mar 2016 Habbox Zero Discrimination Event 2016 UK602.gif dbgtz
Mar 2016 Habbox St. Patrick's Maze 2016 UK616.gif dbgtz St Patrick's Day event
Apr 2016 Habbox Shakespeare's Birthday Event 2016 UK650.gif LovelyRainbow
Apr 2016 Celebrate the Feast of Beltane with Habbox FR437.gif
May 2016 Habbox Mother's Day Event 2016 UK655.gif LovelyRainbow
Jun 2016 Habbo Stranded Episode IV FR568.gif
Jul 2016 Happy 13th birthday, Habbox! UK692.gif lawrawrrr Habbox 13th birthday event
Aug 2016 Habbolympix with Habbox! BR805.gif
Aug 2016 VIP at the VMAs UK710.gif LovelyRainbow VMAs event badge
Oct 2016 Alien Abduction UK730.gif
Oct 2016 Habboween Zombierun with Habbox DE503.gif Halloween 2016 event
Nov 2016 Habbox's day in the life of a dog PT198.gif
Jan 2017 I <3 the 90s! UK773.gif LUCPIX 90s TV themed event
Mar 2017 Habflix and Chill UK798.gif Sho Event celebrating different TV shows on Netflix
Apr 2017 Hard CORE ES625.gif
May 2017 I geared up for battle with Habbox! UK815.gif lawrawrrr
Jun 2017 I found the secret stash of treasure with Habbox! FR997.gif
Jun 2017 Bricking it with Habbox Blox! UK820.gif lawrawrrr Event themed on LEGO bricks
Jun 2017 I found the hidden wall! UK821.gif lawrawrrr Event themed on LEGO bricks
Aug 2017 The Habbox Summer Spectacular UK840.gif LUCPIX Badge for the 2017 Habbox Summer Spectacular
Aug 2017 The Habbox Superhero UK839.gif dodoneSWF
Oct 2017 I escaped Cthulhu's Castle with Habbox! UK862.gif LovelyRainbow
Nov 2017 I lived through the story of Bonfire Night with Habbox! TR439.gif
Dec 2017 Home Alone with Habbox UK873.gif LUCPIX
Dec 2017 The Story of Rudolph with Habbox ES56D.gif
Jan 2018 The Flash with Habbox PT409.gif Event based on the TV show The Flash
Jan 2018 Experiencing the great mute with Habbox! DE720.gif
Feb 2018 Celebrating Anti Valentines with Habbox! UK891.gif ExtraKen
Mar 2018 Back to the movies with Habbox! FR376.gif
Mar 2018 Celebrating Easter with Habbox! DE961.gif
Apr 2018 I repaired the robot in time for Habbox's Science Fair! UK913.gif Event for Content Week 2018
Apr 2018 I went jellyfish catching with Habbox! UK915.gif ExtraKen Part of GFE celebrating '90s childrens' TV shows
May 2018 I attended the royal wedding with Habbox! BR685.gif
May 2018 Lightning Games with Habbox ITD37.gif
Jun 2018 Cast a spell with Habbox! UK925.gif
Jul 2018 Happy 15th Birthday Habbox! UK934.png Event for Habbox's 15th birthday
Jul 2018 I <3 Habbox UK933.gif Second badge for Habbox's 15th birthday, given out at a live party event
Jul 2018 Ink'd With Habbox DE526.gif
Aug 2018 I found the fantastic creatures with Habbox! UK942.gif ExtraKen For the 2018 Habbox Summer Spectacular
Aug 2018 Reach the mountains with Habbox! IT575.gif
Sep 2018 Habbox Spooked You PT086.gif
Sep 2018 uoy dekoops xobbah UK951.gif
Oct 2018 Escaped the ugly stepsisters with Habbox UK961.gif
Nov 2018 I helped frank escape from death row (again) with Habbox! NT093.gif Part of the 2018 Habboxween event Escape from Death Row
Nov 2018 I kept the lights down low for the fox with Habbox DE994.gif
Dec 2018 I made it back in time for the Queens Speech with Habbox! UK966.gif
Dec 2018 The Magic of Christmas with Habbox UK971.gif
Jan 2019 I'm a Noobie girl, in a Habbox woooorld! —— PT530.gif
Feb 2019 ƒ Love ƒ From Habbox UK979.gif Valentines event - part of a pair badge
Feb 2019 ª Bobba ª With Habbox UK978.gif Valentines event - part of a pair badge
Mar 2019 Celebrating International Women's Day with Habbox UK985.gif ExtraKen Event celebrating International Womens Day, focusing on particular influential women throughout history
Apr 2019 I caught them all with Habbox! ES91A.gif Pokemon-themed event
Apr 2019 Habbox... I Choose You! ITB54.gif Pokemon-themed event
Apr 2019 I uncovered dragons with Habbox! UK995.gif Part of GFE
May 2019 Mental Health Awareness Week US003.png Mental Health Awareness Week
May 2019 Brace yourself for impact with Habbox ITD53.gif Part of GFE organised by Its.Dino
Jun 2019 Summer with Habbox! PT679.gif
Jul 2019 Habbox Sweet 16th Birthday US021.gif Event to celebrate Habbox's 16th birthday
Aug 2019 I'm a control freak! US025.gif For the 2019 Habbox Summer Spectacular
Aug 2019 HxSS: Ready Player One? US026.gif For the 2019 Habbox Summer Spectacular
Aug 2019 Time flies with Habbox PT422.gif
Sep 2019 Habbox Gone Wild US033.gif
Oct 2019 Solving the mystery of Habbox US041.gif
Oct 2019 Projecting yourself to hell with Habbox! US047.gif Part of GFE
Nov 2019 Habbox Non Stop November! ES14D.gif
Dec 2019 Habboxmas 2019! US063.gif Part of the Habboxmas 2019 campaign
Dec 2019 You helped Santa prepare for Habboxmas ES91G.gif Part of the Habboxmas 2019 campaign
Jan 2020 Habbox Classic Games Weekend DK079.gif The Habbox Classic games Weekend
Feb 2020 Oh poop... FR486.gif
Feb 2020 Habbox Tough Love US083.gif Part of the Habbox Valentines event 2020, HabbIsland
Feb 2020 HabbIsland SE115.gif Part of the Habbox Valentines event 2020, HabbIsland
Mar 2020 Stay Safe, Stay Healthy ES68H.gif Event promoting staying safe and healthy in the outbreak of the Coronavirus pandemic
Apr 2020 A Wild Encounter! US094.png ExtraKen
Apr 2020 Swallowed by a Bear ª US093.png ExtraKen
May 2020 Quacking up in Quarantine IT997.png
May 2020 Emotional Baggage PT775.png
Jun 2020 Nuttin like you ES962.gif
Jun 2020 Gifted the bride with Habbox! ES30G.png Part of a GFE
Jul 2020 Habboxbury 20' US118.gif ExtraKen Badge as part of the Habboxbury festival event
Jul 2020 I <3 Habbox US119.gif ExtraKen Badge as part of the Habboxbury festival event
Aug 2020 One for the books US126.png ExtraKen Badge part of the 2020 Habbox Summer Spectacular on the theme of History
Aug 2020 HxSS Team Hubs US127.png ExtraKen Badge part of the 2020 Habbox Summer Spectacular on the theme of History
Sep 2020 Thanks for masking PT827.png
Oct 2020 Hell's Bells US152.png ExtraKen First part of a two-part Mirrored Dimensions maze
Oct 2020 Witch, please... US151.png LUCPIX First part of a two-part Mirrored Dimensions maze
Oct 2020 Habbox Grand Designs DE51E.png Part of a GFE showcasing the Impossible House range
Nov 2020 Santa's come early... US156.png LUCPIX Second part of a two-part Mirrored Dimensions maze
Nov 2020 Sleigh Bells US157.png ExtraKen Second part of a two-part Mirrored Dimensions maze
Dec 2020 I <3 HabboxWiki! US167.png lawrawrrr Event celebrating Habbox's departments including Habboxwiki
Jan 2021 Have a Flashy New Year! US170.png outbreakerking
Feb 2021 ~Floating on Love~ DE940.png Valentine's themed event
Feb 2021 Hare for You ƒ DE26E.png Valentine's themed event
Mar 2021 Irish you a happy St. Patrick's Day! US179.png ExtraKen St. Patrick's Day themed event
Mar 2021 You're my pot of gold US178.png outbreakerking St. Patrick's Day themed event
Apr 2021 Broken pencils are pointless ES92H.png Art themed event
Apr 2021 The Habbo Wears Nada NT149.png Part of the Fashion Disasters GFE