Witches' Coven

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Witches' Coven
Release date: October 2019
Season: Halloween
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Rainy Day
Next Campaign:
Winter Horizon

Witches' Coven was the Habboween furniture range and campaign that ran throughout October 2019[1].

The campaign brought a new range of furniture, new crafting items, 3 new Clothing items, 5 New Rares, 2 new Room Bundles and three older bundles, and the Witch Throne Limited Edition Rare.

The month ended with a Habboween Live Event hosted by the Official Fansites on Halloween.


Catalogue Furniture

A new range of witch-themed furniture was added to the catalogue.

Name Image Name Image
Witch's Broom Stand Witch Bed
Witch's Fireplace Witch's Cauldron
Haunted Woodland Uneven Floorboards
Birch Tree Pumpkin Patch
Autumn Forest Floor Stone Wall
Witch Wall Witch Archway
Witch Roof Witch Roof
Small Witch Roof Big Witch Roof
Witch Roof Corner Witch Table
Witch Armchair


The following three witch-themed clothing items were released during this campaign.

Name Image
Witch Hat
Witch Robes
Possessed Eyes


Five items were only available by crafting them with the Witch's Crafting Table. Seven ingredients were available randomly by cracking open an Ingredients Pouch; one ingredient, the Witch Potions, was only available from Habboween activities.

Witch's Crafting Table
Name Image
Ingredients Pouch
Witch Candles
Fragrant Herbs
Crumbling Skull
Crystal Ball
Long Feathers
Witch Crystal
Tarot Cards
Witch Potions

These ingredients, once paired with the crafting table, could be used to create the following items.

Ingredients Name Image
+ + + + + Living Slime
+ + + + + Spirit Owl
+ + + + + Burning Phantom
+ + + + + + + + Ravenous Werewolf
+ + + + + + + + Flaming Unicorn

Pet Special Breeds

As part of this campaign, nine special breeds of pets were released over nine days for 24 hours at a time.


Five catalogue rares were released over the month, three of which were clothing items. For the first time ever the Demon Lord Wings were sold for 50 Credits and 50 Diamonds, double the price of a typical rare.

Name Image Badge
Witch Hair
Warlock Locks
Weeping Willow
Demon Lord Wings
Witch Familiar

Limited Edition Rares

The Witch Throne was released near the end of the month. There were 219 units available for 500 Credits each. They all sold out in less than one minute.

Name Image Badge
Witch Throne

Room Bundles

There were two new bundles released that featured Witches' Coven furniture.

Three older Habboween bundles were rereleased.


Room Competition: Witchy Tales and Spooky Rooms

At the beginning of the month, Habbo launched a competition in which players were asked to build a witch's classroom that followed a storyline[2]. The top 10 runners up received a badge along with 14 days of Builders Club. The top 5 winners also received an exclusive badge, along with a Witch Academy Bundle.

The competition winners included the following[3].

  • Hx.Ben
  • Asia-g
  • UnderCover
  • WarriorSokka
  • IAmDaBlack

The 10 runners up from this competition were the following.

  • Wretched.Witch
  • Glowcloud
  • Sofie372
  • RockCycle
  • Melonaid
  • TH-Molly@Sher
  • Cactier
  • Kier…
  • uncuff
  • Witchas
Badge Name
Witchy Room and Story Competition Winner 2019!

Horror Film Look Competition

Another competition was launched which asked players to dress up as the best horror film character[4]. The top 15 entries won a pack of crafting items, while everyone who entered the competition received a badge.

The 15 winners were[5]:

  • rebalpenguiV2
  • Nova
  • chidiva
  • angeliciousidol
  • Pine
  • -Myths
  • instax
  • FriedTwinkies
  • asia-g
  • -d0ughnuts
  • Cactier
  • Ahlux
  • Koru
  • 0ctavius
  • OutSee
Badge Name
I curdled some blood with my horror look!

The Coven of the Black Moon

Toward the beginning of the month, a new challenge was launch in-client, in which players had to rescue Frank from a Witch coven [6]. All players who completed all the challenges within the competition room received an exclusive badge.

Badge Name
Welcome to the coven!

Habboween Live Event

. Throughout Halloween, on October 31st, a series of live events hosted by Official Fansites took place in the Theatre[7]. During each event, players could receive a badge exclusive to each fansite.

Badges are shown in order of live events.

Fansite Badge Name
HFFM Controlling minds with HFFM!
HabboBites Teleporting away with HabboBites!
Habbox Projecting yourself to hell with Habbox!
HabboRPG Balancing the scale of life with RPG!
HabboQuests I performed Telekinesis with HabboQuests!

Witches' Coven Twitter Campaign

At the end of the month, and end of the campaign, Habbo launched a poll on their Twitter page that enabled players to choose which exclusive badge they could achieve. To receive this badge, all players needed to do was enter the official room designed by Pulx.

Badge Name
Witches' Coven Twitter Badge