Pink Dragon Lamp

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Pink Dragon Lamp
Pink Dragon 2.png
Release date January 2013
Category Limited Edition Rares
Ultra Rares
Dragon Lamps
Value Habbox Rare Values
Limited Edition Rare
Number available: 80
Number sold: 80
Original price 750 Credits

The Pink Dragon Lamp was a Limited Edition Rare released on January 12 2013. There were 80 units available for 750 Credits each which all sold in less than a minute.

This dragon was the first Limited Edition Rare to be released in 2013, and was also the first Limited Edition Rare to be sold for 750 credits. As all 80 of them sold out, they will not be released or given out again. For this reason, it is highly unlikely to ever fall below the original catalogue price and is more likely to remain at a much higher value.

The rare appears similar to other Dragon Lamps which were released as V7 Rares, and many players have always asked for and suggested a pink recolour of them. It is this reason that it is one of the highest valued and most popular Limited Edition Rares to date. Due to the Pink Dragon's appeal as a highly prized collection item and inactivity of the current owners not willing to sell, the Dragon has continued to climb in price over the years with transactions as recent as Jan 2021 surpassing 750 Goldbars each for regular numbers and over 800+ Goldbars for single digit numbers, the lower being even more expensive.

Considered by many as the grail of any rare collection, this dragon is a symbol of wealth. Many collectors strive to have it to complete the set of dragons, and given the Pink Dragon Lamp is the hardest piece to get, pay a high premium for it given the demand and rarity. Given the limitation of 80 quantity during release and many being permanently banned or inactive due to years passed from release date, the Pink Dragon Lamp is often considered one of the most sought after items in game and as time passes, harder to obtain.

Owner Tracking

ID Owner Last Updated Notes
1 P1nkDragon 28-Jun-2018 Inactive
2 PodSfty 23-Nov-2018 Banned
4 Post 12-Jan-2021 NFS
5 funkyjen 15-Jan-2019 Inactive
6 TDragonLover 24-Apr-2020 NFS
7 Window 14-Dec-2020 NFS
8 teeeEye 30-Jun-2018 Inactive
9 TDragonLover 26-Jun-2020 NFS
10 Zak 20-Jun-2020 Active
12 B 1-Mar-2019 Active
18 LuCa.5 25-May-2017 Inactive
20 NotBroken 20-Mar-2017 Inactive
21 BQ 16-May-2020 Active
22 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
23 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
26 B 26-Oct-2020 Active
28 Plazs 19-May-2019 Inactive
29 amro45 28-Aug-2018 Active
31 B 5-Dec-2020 Active
32 B 5-Dec-2020 Active
34 Bae 24-Jun-2018 Inactive
36 teeeEye 30-Jun-2018 Banned
37 lawrawrrr 15-Jan-2019 NFS
38 chidiva 15-Jan-2019 NFS
39 KiwiDK 17-Jan-2019 NFS
40 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
41 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
42 Abandonedone 02-Oct-2018 Active
43 KiwiDK 15-Jan-2019 NFS
44 amro45 28-Aug-2018 Active
46 Qabik 8-Jan-2021 Active
47 Wookie 28-Jun-2018 Inactive
49 Starz1999 15-Jan-2019 Inactive
50 uberaquick 10-Jul-2020 Active
51 KiwiDK 15-Jan-2019 NFS
52 jando2012 15-Nov-2019 Active
53 moonn6pence 11-Mar-2017 Inactive
54 Enfix 15-Jan-2019 Inactive
55 B 30-Jul-2020 Active
56 caniduh 30-Jun-2020 NFS
59 TDragonLover 26-Dec-2019 NFS
60 TDragonLover 1-Jan-2020 NFS
62 amro45 29-Jun-2018 Active
63 Qabik 2-Jan-2021 Active
64 DOOFY2020 23-Dec-2019 NFS
65 Cind3r 15-Jan-2019 NFS
66 B 15-Nov-2020 Active
67 NotBroken 20-Mar-2017 Inactive
68 CasinoLife 03-Oct-2017 Inactive
69 Vyndictus 6-Jul-2018 Active
72 TDragonLover 24-Apr-2020 NFS
73 Starz1999 15-Jan-2019 Inactive
76 KiwiDK 20-Oct-2019 NFS
77 Window 15-Nov-2020 NFS
78 TDragonLover 26-Dec-2019 NFS
79 TDragonLover 19-Dec-2019 NFS
80 CuteSirBadman 01-Nov-2019 Inactive
Total 56/80

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