Arcane Rares

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Arcane Rares
Motto: For royal Habbos.
Release date: 2001 (
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

Arcane Rares are Rares which have a questionable origin and have fewer than 50 observable examples in-client. They are known for their extreme rarity in rooms and infrequent appearances on the market and are prized by collectors.

Over half of these Rares are forgotten recolours which are similar (or identical) to normal furniture. The Army Plasto Chair and Amber Floor Rug have the same name and description as their counterparts, but it is the colour that is different. In some collectors rooms, they have the two yellow rugs side by side to help to tell the very subtle colour difference. Whereas the Parasol is identical to the Green Parasol in all but the name and description, which makes telling the difference impossible until closer inspection. The poster_0_name is quite unique and easy to spot in a room. It is still very unknown in the hotel, apart from the odd marketplace appearance. The Pod chairs have always been in existence, just unreleased or scripted into hotels causing them to be rare.

A complete set of Arcane Rares on can be found by clicking here.


Name Image Description
Amber Floor Rug Available in a variety of colours
Army Plasto Chair Hip plastic furniture
Parasol Zon! Zon! Zon!
poster_0_name poster_0_desc
Gold Pod Hip plastic furniture
Dark Blue Pod Hip plastic furniture
Chair (lilac plasto) Hip plastic furniture
Hs box name Habbostars
Tic-Tac-Toe Board
Comedy Poster