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Bonus Rares are gifts given to a Habbo player every 120 credits they spend. Players can track their progress and see how much more credits is needed on a dedicated bar on the Hotel view. During Double Credits promotions Habbo players cannot buy 60 credits to fulfill the required amount of 120 credits, they must still buy the full 120 credits to be rewarded with the Bonus Rare. Much like Room Bundles and Furni Packs, Bonus Rares are seen as a move by Sulake to get players to increase their expenditure on Habbo.

Originally, they were a rare that would change twice a month and were usually related to current campaigns. In 2016 they were changed to Bonus Bags which are crackable and had a chance of giving one of five or six versions of a new rare and is changed every three months.

Some of the rares have dipped to a low value particularly those that were released after the Credits prices were readjusted in 2014, resulting the 120 credits being bought for a fewer amount of cash and ultimately injecting more of the Bonus Rares into circulation. Although Bonus Bags give less of a certain rare out - as the receiver has about a 1 in 8 chance of getting a certain colored rare, they are available for a longer period of time and the rares in them are also not valued very high.

List of Bonus Rares

Name Picture Released
Silver Icecream Machine January 2013
David Fountain February 2013
Easter Globe March 2013
Cotton Candy Stand June 2013
80s Rare Guitar July 2013
Wilting Rose October 2013
Director's Chair November 2013
Wooden Horse December 2013
Icy Ice Cream Maker December 2013
Ruby And Gold Horse Statue January 2014
Bouquet Of Pages February 2014
Flaming Phoenix February 2014
Flash Camera March 2014
Pot O' Gold March 2014
Cacao Chest April 2014
Little Bunny Foo Foo April 2014
Venus De Habbo May 2014
Viking Relic May 2014
Golden Boot June 2014
Afroduck The Ref June 2014
Drinks Stall July 2014
Candy Stall July 2014
Mine Cart August 2014
Skeleton Tree August 2014
Hootie The Owl September 2014
Einstein Bust September 2014
Hanging Skull Candle October 2014
Catrina Effigy October 2014
Sing Song November 2014
90's Boombox Sandman December 2014
Inflatable Rudolph Ring-deer December 2014
Broken Vanity January 2015
Dodge and Duck February 2015
Red-Crowned Crane February 2015
Cyber Robo March 2015
RoboRat March 2015
Cotton Candy Tree April 2015
Jello Tent April 2015
Mighty Creator of Habbo Bust April 2015
Frank Needs YOU May 2015
Amber Saber-Toothed Duck June 2015
Amber Dung Beetle June 2015
African Meerkat July 2015
Quackatoa Duck July 2015
Steampunk Plane August 2015
Habbo 15th Birthday Cake August 2015
Frank's Fruity Cake September 2015
Cute Poodle September 2015
Mint Vase October 2015
Quartz Water Lily Pot October 2015
Ochre Bird of Paradise November 2015
Cerulean Vase November 2015
Brass Water Lily Pot December 2015
Teal Bird of Paradise December 2015
Charcoal Vase January 2016
Nickel Water Lily Pot January 2016

Bonus Bags

Main Article: Bonus Bag

From 2016, the bonus rares have been a crackable Bonus Bag. Each bag was still given after buying 120 Credits but instead of one rare, Habbos would redeem the bag and receive either 5 Credits, 3 days of Habbo Club or a special rare that was exclusive to that bag. Each rare was available in about 5 or 6 colors and the color received was entirely random.

Name Picture Released
Bonus Bag June 2016
Bonus Bag 2 September 2016
Bonus Bag 3 December 2016
Bonus Bag 1 March 2017
Bonus Bag 2 June 2017
Bonus Bag 3 September 2017
Bonus Bag 4 December 2017
Bonus Bag I March 2018
Bonus Bag II June 2018
Bonus Bag III September 2018
Bonus Bag IV December 2018
Bonus Bag I March 2019
Bonus Bag II June 2019
Bonus Bag III September 2019
Bonus Bag IV December 2019
Bonus Bag I March 2020
Bonus Bag II June 2020
Bonus Bag III September 2020
Bonus Bag IV December 2020