Russian Samovar

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Russian Samovar
Motto: Click for a refreshing cuppa
Release date: June 2002 (
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Russian Samovar has been on Habbo Hotel since mid-2002 due to Ione, a former Habbo UK manager, giving it out with as a birthday gift, alongside both the Throne and the Holoboy. The Russian Samovar is classed as a normal rare, but if it were in the Catalogue it would appear under 'vending' items due to the drink you receive when double-clicking on it. The Russian Samovar provides you with tea and has been a good, creative point when thinking of competitions related to said furniture. It is also an item situated more in ethnic rooms such as Chinese, Japanese and Asian culture; it is also an ideal vending item for gambling rooms such as grabbers and casinos. The Russian Samovar was the main focus of the Samovar Crisis which involved the Ione Gifts trio of which it is a part of.

Before the merge the United Kingdom hotel classed the rare as a Super due to the way it was released. However, after the merge, this changed due to Ione not being the manager of an international site and the volume of the Russian Samovars that now roamed the hotel. It is now classed as a normal rare.


It was later brought to every other hotel and was released via competitions or was purchased from the Catalogue. This rare isn't hard to come by due to the different ways it was released; with the merge, this meant that many more Russian Samovars entered the hotel. The release date for the rare in each hotel can be seen below.

  • - Given to Ione as a birthday gift during June 2002
  • - Sold in the catalogue during August 2004
  • - Sold in the catalogue during October 2004
  • - Sold in the catalogue during December 2005
  • - Sold in the catalogue during March 2006
  • - Sold in the catalogue during May 2006
  • - Given out as a prize in May 2007
  • - Sold in the catalogue after, and given out as a prize during the Imperial Treasure Hunt event May 2007
  • - Sold in the catalogue during September 2007
  • - Given out as a competition prize during July 2009
  • - GIven out as a competition prize during September 2010
  • - Awarded to users who bought either the 80, 155 or 260 Credits package during January/February 2013.

The rare was also awarded as a competition prize in the France, Italy, and Spain hotels. It was also released in the catalogue on However, the dates for these releases are unknown.