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Aloe Vera
Motto: Goodbye Bert...
Release date: March 2003 (
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

Aloe Vera (originally named "Small Plant") is one of the Classic Rares of Habbo and was only the 3rd rare to be introduced into Habbo UK... but it was never even meant to exist in Habbo UK to start with! This rare was released in many different ways across hotels, thus making its history quite confusing.

Habbo UK - Scripting

As the number of people scripting grew, so did the number of oddly shaped and intriguing furniture inside the hotel. The hotel staff and Hobbas had an incredibly hard time removing all the small plants (Aloe Vera) that were scripted in the hotel, so to combat this they decided to make the plants available for all. It was released into the catalogue in March 2003 and is one of the very few rare items that has never made a reappearance in!

The old method for "scripting in" was really quite simple and was obtainable by changing text values using scripting tools such as "ArtMoney". An example method would be to open the plants sections of the catalogue and click to buy a Bonsai Tree without confirming, then you would open up your tool of choice, search for and change the value of A2 BONSAI (Bonsai Tree) to A1 PL1 (Aloe Vera) and then finally by cancelling and re-clicking to buy would complete the illegitimate purchase.

During October 2002, the price of the "Small Plant" was changed to an integer of -1 credits and was therefore no longer able to be bought from the catalogue via scripting. The following year it was introduced officially with its name changed to "Aloe Vera" and given a graphical update.

Habbo Finland

Ordering details in Finnish hotel.

In Habbo Finland, the Aloe Vera was originally released as a "secret" furni available during an unknown period between 2000 and 2002. As a secret furni, the SMS code of the furni wasn't visible in the Catalogue. However, if you knew the code, you were still able to order an Aloe Vera. The SMS code to order an Aloe Vera was "A1 PL1" and price 1,92 mk (Finnish markka, approx. 0,33 EUR/USD in 2002).

Later the Aloe Vera was sold as a rare furni in November 2004 and resold in August 2007.

Originally Aloe Vera was called Huonekasvi "ystävällinen" (Houseplant "friendly") but was later renamed to Aloe Vera. Aloe Vera is also one of the old furnies which had graphical rework afterwards.

Habbo Switzerland, Sweden and Norway

In Habbo Switzerland the Aloe Vera plant was always available in the "Plants" section of the catalogue. In Habbo Norway, the Aloe Vera plant was released during an Easter campaign in 2005 and in Habbo Sweden the plant was simply placed into the catalogue in 2008. It failed to become a rare item on these 3 hotels because the price of the item was only 5 credits.

Other hotels

  • Habbo Brazil - The plant was seen in some hotel rooms for the Habborella/Valentine event.
  • Habbo Denmark - The plant was accidently placed into the catalogue for a while.
  • Habbo USA - The Aloe Vera was given out to users who pre-registered before the hotel officially opened!
  • Habbo Singapore - It was first handed out as a contest prize in 2005, it wasn't fully released until 2007.
  • Habba Canada - Handed out as a reward.
  • Habbo Spain - Handed out as a reward.
  • Habbo Germany - Released into catalogue in December 2005.
  • Habbo Netherlands - Released into catalogue in July 2006
  • Habbo Australia - Unknown release date.
  • Habbo Japan - Sold in the catalogue in April 2005

Known Owners

Here are confirmed owners and known examples of the Aloe Vera on

Owner Quantity Updated Notes Room - (Clicking link will open room in the client)
Meow47 1 1-apr-2024 Active aloe vera how much please