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A snow drift.gif
Category V7 Rares
Value Habbox Rare Values

Pillows were added to the hotel in Version 7 (excluding the Bronze and Silver Pillows which were added in January 2013 under the Limited Edition Rares range). They have been steadily released over the years and are often associated with high value due to their regal appearance. Currently the Turquoise and Navy Giant Pillows are Super Rares and are two of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the entire hotel.

The Pillows

Name Image
A Snow Drift A snow drift.gif
Navy Giant Pillow Navy giant pillow.gif
Blue Giant Pillow Blue giant pillow.gif
Silver Pillow SPILLOW.png
Turquoise Giant Pillow Turquoise giant pillow.gif
Green Giant Pillow Green giant pillow.gif
Golden Giant Pillow Golden giant pillow.gif
Festive Red Pillow Festive red pillow.gif
Maroon Pillow Maroon Pillow.gif
Bonnie Blonde's Pillow Bonnie blonde's pillow.gif
Pink Giant Pillow Pink giant pillow.gif
Bronze Pillow BPILLOW.png
Black Giant Pillow Black giant pillow.gif
Azure Giant Pillow AzureGP.png
Emerald Giant Pillow Emerald giant pillow.gif
Teal Pillow Teal Pillow.png
Rose Gold Pillow Rare blackrosegold pillow 64 a 0 0.png

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