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Release date: July 2009
Available from: Builders Club

The SciFi range of furniture is based on space as imagined by SciFi. It features both a catalogue set and three collectables released in 2009 between July and September. Some furni in this range are re-released as prizes for KickWars Galactica.


Catalogue Range

Name Image Moto Name Image Moto
Captain's Chair Master of Space Medium Chair Space captain's side kick.
Small Chair Buckle up for a space ride. Engineering Console All systems checked
Command Console Blinking Light but what to do Navigation Console Steer clear of Black Holes.
Display Gate Can you see me now? Spaceship Wall Beeps and Lights.
Spaceship Corner Wall Space Blue Awe Spaceship Window Look into the dark void
Spaceship Roof An endless view of planets and stars Space Teleporter Turn into millions of atoms
Space Table Supplied with gravity Large Crate More space supplies.
Small Crate Weightless in Space. Warp Reactor Fusion reactor to heat plasma.
Mars Moonrug Explore the red planet. Spaceship Floor Light Space Walk
Spaceship Floor Dark Space Walk Transparent Floor Don't fall through!
Light Pole Attract space critters. SciFi Roller Moving through space.
Spaceship Lamp Bright lights in dark space

The SciFi Collectibles

Scifi Collectibles were released as part of the 3rd set of Collectibles - after the Around the World and The Lost World collectibles and before the very last collectible, the Ghostly Organ. All 3 items in this set were released into the catalogue globally (around the same time as the introduction of SciFi furniture) during Summer/Autumn 2009 and have become common Rares. The Scifi Collectibles were the smallest of the sets and only contained 3 items.

The Collectibles were later re-released as prizes in the KickWars Galactica game.

Name Image Motto
Dizziti (July 2009, 1/3) Alien Collectible
Cryogenic Bed (August 2009, 2/3) For those who like to sleep a long time.
Astro-Bar (September 2009, 3/3) Deep space refreshment.