Inflatable Chairs

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Inflatable Chairs
Rare Values
Category: V11 Rares

Inflatable Chairs were first released as V11 Rares, they were accompanied by other collections such as Sleeping Bags and Road Barriers. They have drifted away from their original V11 era and more often appear in the Catalogue for summer events. These chairs are of little value but appear somewhat transparent and are useful as seats in Habbox Events and general Habbo rooms.

There are 8 different colours in the Inflatable Chairs set and they have had a makeover throughout their time with renaming and motto changing. They all have the same motto and aren't worth much.

Not every colour was released in each hotel with the most common being the Lime Inflatable Chair and the rarest being the Orange and Black Inflatable Chairs.

In, inflatable chairs were sometimes given out when the bonus codes from scratch cards were redeemed.

Chairs Available

Name Image
Blue Inflatable Chair Blue Inflatable Chair.gif
Ocean Inflatable Chair Ocean Inflatable Chair.gif
Black Inflatable Chair Black Inflatable Chair.gif
Red Inflatable Chair Pink Inflatable Chair.gif
Lime Inflatable Chair Lime Inflatable Chair.gif
White Inflatable Chair White Inflatable Chair.gif
Violet Inflatable Chair Violet Inflatable Chair.gif
Orange Inflatable Chair Orange Inflatable Chair.gif
Total Inflatable Chairs 8