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Motto: Ideal for the riverside.
Release date: April 2007
Rare Values
Category: V11 Rares

The Bulrush was released along with other V11 Rares, it accompanied other miscellaneous items such as the Snow Patch and Wheel of Fortune. Although released originally on the French Hotel in April 2007 it was available on most and still appears available in some ways. Whilst released firstly as a V11 Rare it was modified and began appearing under the Plants section of the Catalogue but currently is unavailable unless bought in the Marketplace or in Shops.

The Furni is unique on hotels due to its shape and appearance; the blue base is something only seen on the item or the Pixel campaign Habbo ran.

Usually, the item is accompanied by other Plants such as Pineapple Plants or Ice Cream Machines as they make good items to merge and stack in Casinos.