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Rare Values
Category: V7 Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

Pillars were added to the hotel in Version 7. They have been steadily released over the years and are often associated with high value due to their ancient Greek appearance.

Currently the Pink, Blue, Olive Green and Rock Pillars are Super Rares and as such are some of the most expensive and sought after items of furniture on the entire hotel.

The Pillars

Name Image
Doric Classic Pillar
Doric Blue Pillar
Doric Olive Green Pillar
Doric Green Pillar
Doric Gold Pillar
Doric Terracotta Pillar
Doric Pink Marble Pillar
Leap Day Pillar
Doric Rock
Doric Graphite Pillar
Mystic Pillar
Maroon Classic Pillar
Doric Azure Pillar
Doric Emerald Pillar
Doric Teal Pillar
Rose Gold Pillar
Total Pillars 16