Habbo Globe

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Habbo Globe
Motto: Shake, don't break!
Release date: December 2003 (Habbo.co.uk)
Rare Values
Category: Classical Rares
Value: Habbox Rare Values

The Habbo Globe is placed in the Classical Rares and is a Super Rare, it has been in the hotels since Christmas 2003. It is one of the first rares released in the Habbo Catalogue instead of competitions or Habbo staff rooms. Since then it has been given out as competition prizes primarily at the Christmas period.

Switzerland was the first to receive this item by releasing it via the Catalogue in December 2003, it was followed by every other hotel apart from the Brazil one. The most recent release of this was in November 2007 on the France hotel. However, it was generally released in December for the festive period of Christmas.


Below shows when and where the Rare appeared:

  • Switzerland, December 2003.
  • Finland, February 2004.
  • Germany and Untied Kingdom, December 2004.
  • Denmark, Singapore and Sweden, December 2005.
  • France, November 2007.

It was also released via the Catalogue in the hotels of Canada, Australia, Netherlands, Norway, Italy, Spain and the United States.

The Never Ending Skate Course

In December 2011, a competition was released called The Never Ending Skate Course which required players to keep skating in a room and make it through to the 'Winners' Lounge'. Once in there players entered a poll to win a badge and had the extra chance of winning a rare too.

Once the competition was over, 50 random players won the Habbo Globe as an additional extra for entering and completing the skate course.

Habbo Globe Winners

  • -tHrOpHieS-
  • .Eximious123.
  • -JohnRey
  • -szis
  • -bliss2-
  • .:Merr180:
  • ajalique
  • allylovescofi
  • Asia11
  • Audiobahn
  • Beauticious
  • ChaosLord.
  • claireyz
  • Denae
  • Fomper
  • fri3d
  • Glamera
  • Glassknickers,x
  • guest9441
  • Hayley-Naruto
  • Homeroom
  • lncision
  • lovecats778
  • maoellisto
  • Mapleking
  • matthew98761
  • maxim300
  • Minyorus
  • Miraculous
  • MzBarbieMinaj
  • NIKIKOTheTired
  • p3rrier
  • pokigotico
  • rainbow-frost
  • red104
  • ReFormating
  • Robs
  • Rockerchance
  • segamad66hacked
  • Sirestickman
  • Storking
  • tboyz98
  • Tooticky
  • Undertaker
  • waltonk65
  • Wom
  • x2xtremer21
  • Xris
  • z3r0..