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Release date February 2010
Season Valentine's
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club

Bling Furni is a line of furniture that was released in February 2010. Certain items from the Bling furni line are available throughout the year in the Catalogue. For Valentines 2011 we returned to 'Heartbreak Hotel' but this time with a Vegas Casino style theme. The 'Slot Machine' was the first item released to us as a teaser on January 28th 2011 along with the release of the first Heart Quests. Just a few days later on January 31st 2011 the full range of Vegas Bling was released.

If you've got it, flaunt it with this 5-star luxury Furni range! It's got more bling than Puff Daddy's neck ;)


2010 Original Release

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Power Shower
Power shower.gif
Bling Fridge
Bling fridge.gif
Designer Wardrobe
Designer Wardrobe.gif
Bling Bed
Bling Bed.gif
Sound-proofed Wall
Sound-proofed Wall.gif
Leather Sofa
Leather Sofa.gif
Marble Sink
Marble Sink.gif
Wooden Tile
Wooden Tile.gif
Polished Tile
Polished Tile.gif
Bathroom Cabinet
Bathroom cabinet.gif
Suave Chair
Suave Chair 1.gif
Suave Chair
Suave Chair 2.gif
Suave Chair
Suave Chair 3.gif
Golden Toilet
Golden Toilet.gif
Embroidered Wall
Embroidered Wall.gif

2011 Heartbreak Hotel Release

Furniture Name Furniture Image
Limo Back
Limo Back.png
Limo Front
Limo Front.png
Limo Middle Part 1 
Limo Middle Part 1.png
Limo Middle Part 2
Limo Middle Part 2.png
Bling Block
Bling Block.png
Bling Carpet
Bling Carpet.png
Bling Divan
Bling Divan.gif
Bling Divider
Bling Divider.png
Bling Plant
Bling Plant.gif
Bling Seat
Bling Seat.gif
Bling Daybed
Bling Daybed.gif
Bling Teleporters
Bling Teleporter.gif
Bling Towels
Bling Towels.png
Eros Eros.gif
Italian Marble Floor
Italian Marble Floor.png
Italian Marble Pillar
Italian Marble Pillar.png
Leopard Wall Cover
Leopard Wall Cover.gif
Panther Wall Cover
Panther Wall Cover.gif
Tiger Wall Cover
Tiger Wall Cover.gif
Zebra Wall Cover
Zebra Wall Cover.gif
Love Carp
Love Carp.png
Slot Chair
Slot Chair.png
Slot Machine
Slot Machine.png
Tiger Rug
Tiger Rug.png
Vegas Buildings
Vegas Buildings.png

2014/2017 White Bling

In 2014 and again in 2017, three white pieces of the Bling range were released, but these were only available in the 4 Habbo Main Street Bundle. Other white pieces do exist, but are either unofficially released or not available at all.

Name Image Status
js_bling_chair_w name
White Bling Bed
Released in Room Bundle.
Released in Catalogue.
White Bling Seat
White Bling Fridge
Released in Room Bundle.
White Slot Chair
White Bling Sofa
Released in Room Bundle.
White Bling Divan
Not officially released but is available in-client.

2015 Additions

As part of a global campaign, several old furniture lines were revived with new furniture additions during 2015. Bling was one of these.

Name Image
Bling Billiards Table
Bling Chandelier
Bling Wall

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