Fairytale Easter

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Fairytale Easter
Release date: April 2019
Season: Easter
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
Basement Band
Next Campaign:
Bohemian Festival

Fairytale Easter was the Easter 2019 campaign that ran throughout April of that year. The campaign was themed around fairytales, in particular Snow White, Thumbelina, Little Red Riding Hood and Alice in Wonderland.

There was a new range of seasonal Easter furniture released into the catalogue. There were also two crackable furni items with the chance of receiving rare items. Four New Rares were released along with the Wildflower Throne Limited Edition Rare. There were also four new Room Bundles with each one being based on one of the four fairytales the campaign focused on.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Woodland Fairies Woodland Fairies.png
Whispering Tree Whispering Tree.png
Forest Path Forest Path.png
Forest Floor Forest Floor.png
Wildflower Meadow Wildflower Meadow.png
Magic Turnips Magic Turnips.png
Soothsayer Stone Soothsayer Stone.png
Fairytale Forest Fairytale Forest.png
Log Chair Log Chair (Table).png
Log Chair Log Chair.png
Forest Ring Teleport Forest Ring Teleport.png
Luminescent Flower Lamp Luminescent Flower Lamp.png
Forest Floor Forest Floor (Food).png
Forest Mushrooms Forest Mushrooms.png
Tulip Teapot Tulip Teapot.png
  • A couple of the items had incorrect furni names including the Forest Floor and the Log Chair which appeared in the catalogue as a Log Table.

Ancient Storybook

The Ancient Storybook was a crackable item that was released for 24 hour periods throughout the month. It would first crack into one of four storybooks, based on Alice in Wonderland, Snow White, Thumbelina or Little Red Riding Hood, and then crack into one of three items based on the story. Two of the items had a 45% chance of being the prize, while a rarer clothing item was the third prize and had a chance of 10%.

Name Image
Ancient Storybook Ancient Storybook.png
Wonderland Storybook Wonderland Storybook.png
Red Riding Hood Storybook Red Riding Hood Storybook.png
Snow White Storybook Snow White Storybook.png
Habbelina Storybook Habbelina Storybook.png
Ravenous Wolf Ravenous Wolf.png
Bonnie Red Riding Hood Bonnie Red Riding Hood.png
Ravenous Wolf Mask Ravenous Wolf Mask.png
Habbshire Cat Habbshire Cat.png
Busy Bunny Busy Bunny.png
Mad Hat Mad Hat.png
Enchanted Woodland Critters Enchanted Woodland Critters.png
Forest Gnome Forest Gnome.png
Ribbon and Curls Set Ribbon and Curls Set.png
Habbelina Habbelina.png
Fairy Prince Fairy Prince.png
Floral Ponytail Floral Ponytail.png

Enchanted Egg

The Enchanted Egg was another crackable item also released for 24 hour periods throughout the month. It could either crack into one of three baby creatures varying in rarity, and then each item could crack into one of two items, with a 75% chance for the more common prize or 25% chance of the rarer prize. To use, it required the Magic Wand effect.

Name Image
Enchanted Egg Enchanted Egg.png
Baby Bear Owl Baby Bear Owl.png
Baby Ent Baby Ent.png
Baby Water Kelpie Baby Water Kelpie.png
Bear Owl Bear Owl.png
Savage Hippogriff Savage Hippogriff.png
Ent Ent.png
Arboreal Dragon Arboreal Dragon.png
Water Kelpie Water Kelpie.png
Aquifer Dragon Aquifer Dragon.png


Name Image
Leafy Hair Leafy Hair.png
Petal Dress Petal Dress.png
Mushroom Hat Mushroom Hat.png
Archer Cap Archer Cap.png


Name Image Badge
Enchanted Fox Outfit Enchanted Fox Outfit.png EFT05.gif
Rainbow Forest Chicken Rainbow Forest Chicken.png EFT06.gif
Fairytale Forest Wreath Fairytale Forest Wreath.png EFT07.gif
Fairytale Forest Swing Fairytale Forest Swing.png EFT08.gif

Limited Edition Rare

The Wildflower Throne was released on April 29th. All 324 units sold out in the first 24 hours of it being released.

Name Image Release Date Quantity Available Quantity Sold Release Price
Wildflower Throne Easter ltd19 flowerthrone.png 29-Apr-2019 324 324 375 Credits

Room Bundles