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Release date: February 2014
Season: Valentine's
Available from: Builders Club (Seasonally)

The Shakespeare furniture range was added to the hotel in February 2014 to coincide with the Habbo Stories campaign, promoting Shakespeare. The range appeared in the shop under 'Stories'. You could also buy a bundle which contained all furni from the Shakespeare range, plus a Large Tribal Stage and a Gazebo, for 26 Credits. The cheapest in this range is the Rosemantic Bench at 3 Credits and the most expensive is the Fairy Statue at 8 Credits. As Habbo Stories has been discontinued, this furniture line has now been mereged with the Shalimar range.


Name Image Motto
Wondrous Weeping Willow Wondrous Weeping Willow The most poetic of trees
Rosemantic Bench Rosemantic Bench Sit back and smell the flowers
Fairy Statue Fairy Statue Away with the faries
Garden Rose Swing Garden Rose Swing Divinely Dreamy


  • When placed in a room, the motto and the name of the Rosemantic Bench swap places.