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Release date: August 2011
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

USVA furni was released in August 2011. The USVA furni line is available throughout the year in the Catalogue. It is unclear what USVA stands for, but it is most widely accepted that it means ‘Ultra Sonic Virtual Art’. Often, the S is changed to ‘Stackable’ as that is its primary function. The USVA range isn't expensive with the most expensive item costing a few Credits.


The following items are part of the USVA Range, and come in the following colours: white/pink, black/yellow, dark/bright green, black/red and white/blue:

Name Image
Table Lamp
Block Shelf


USVA Pyramid Competition

Habbo launched a competition where players had to climb up 5 different USVA pyramids to get to the top. There was only one safe route on each one and stepping on the wrong block would teleport the player back to the beginning.

Players had approximately a week to enter the competitions and if they succeeded they received a Pyramid Trial Badge.

USVA Never Ending Staircase Competition

Habbo launched a second USVA competition where players had to climb up another staircase to get to the top. Instead of being teleported to the beginning after taking a wrong step, this time they had to count how many stairs there were in the whole staircase.

They had to count every box they stood on including the ones in the final room, but not including the floor ones. The players had another week approximately to enter the competition too.

If players guessed correctly they would win a special USVA badge and 100 random players who also got the correct answer would win a pack of USVA modules to the value of 20 Credits.

After the competition ended the statistics showed 4,282 players entered and 3,507 got the answer correct. To get the correct answer players needed to realise that the 50 rooms they went in had 14 steps each, which meant 700 steps - they also had to add the final 4 steps in the final room which overall meant they walked up 704 steps.

The badge was given out and the 100 Habbos received the USVA maze builder prie pack.


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  • The Neverending stairs is still climbable however the poll has been removed. USVA Neverending Stairs Start
  • Just like the stairs, the pyramid is also still climbable. USVA - Pyramid - 1
  • If you look closely to Graffiti 3 from the Urban line you can make up the name USVA
  • The USVA Neverending stairs keeps repeating the colors: Yellow-black, Pink-white, Dark-bright green, blue-white and Black-red.