Valentines 2007

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Valentines 2007
Release date: April 2007

Over the years Habbo have released a solid set of Valentine's furniture for Habbo characters to enjoy. Some years they have added to them in the period of Habborella and Valentines 2010. The first set of the original range began in 2007 with the Heart Sofa, Cupid Statue and even Valentine's Duck being released. Then came the different coloured Roses and the Red Carpet which we associate more with Habbowood nowadays.

The Roses were released in stages with the Red Rose being the first; it got released with the original range of love/Valentine's furniture on the Finnish and Japanese hotel in February 2007, right in time for the season. However, the Yellow Rose delayed and was first released on the Norwegian hotel in April 2007; it was released due to a campaign about racism. Finally, the Purple and White rose were only spotted whereas the Pink was released via the French hotel in November 2007.

Mainly, the Yellow Rose was the hardest to come by especially in due to it not being released until years after. It was only ever released once as a mega deal for 6 Credits, and only stayed in the Catalogue for 2 minutes.


Name Image Name Image
Valentine's Duck Heart Stickies
Heart Sofa Giant Heart
Red Rose Purple Rose
Pink Rose White Rose
Yellow Rose Cupid Statue
Heart Light Red Carpet


Image Name Motto
Valentine's Cauldron null