Health Spa

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Health Spa
Release date: February 2014
Season: Valentines
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
January 2014
Next Campaign:
Habbo Fashion Week

Health Spa was a campaign that was introduced into Habbo in February 2014 as part of the Valentines campaign. The campaign saw the release of multiple new additions to the hotel, including a furniture line which has since become a permanent fixture in the catalogue and Builders Club.

As well as this, the campaign saw the release of new rares, room bundles and love locks.

The final week of this campaign saw the celebration of global carnivals and Mardi Gras[1]. Celebrations included the release of new items as well as carnival-themed live events and challenges.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image Name Image
Blue Spa Wall Green Spa Wall
Orange Spa Wall Calming Tree
Big Leaf Plant Narcissus Plant
Solo Glass Door Treatment Chair
Leafy Archway Blue Exterior Wall
Green Exterior Wall Yellow Exterior Wall
Pine Bench Pine Stool
Pine Table Blue Spa Roof
Green Spa Roof Clay Spa Roof
Green Form Recliner Blue Form Recliner
Orange Form Recliner Marble Foot Bath
Small Green Spa Tile Small Blue Spa Tile
Small Orange Spa Tile Large Ceramic Spa Tile
Sliding Glass Door


The following rares were released during the Health Spa campaign but were only available for a limited time.

Name Image Badge
Spa Wheelchair
Elegant Lamp
Eternity Fountain
G0LD L0V3 Machine

Love Locks

Main Article: L0-V3 Machines

During the Health Spa campaign, a mini-campaign titled L0-V3 Virus was also launched. This was explored the articles published to Habbo's official site; with the additional release of the L0-V3 Machines line of love locks.

The Love Locks acted as a type of Friendship Furni - two users could double click or "use" the item at the same time to lock the device. Following the L0-V3 Virus storyline at the time, Habbo had stated that the only way players could be safe of the virus was to use one of the machines.

Towards the end of February, a gold recolour of the machine was released into the catalogue as a rare: this was called the G0LD L0V3 Machine.

Room Bundles

The following room bundle was newly released during this campaign.

Exclusive Furniture

The bundles that were released during this campaign included the following bundle exclusive items.

Name Image Bundle
Portabandeira Carnival Room Bundle