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Release date: April 2008
Available from: Builders Club

Alhambra is a furniture range on Habbo which was first released into Habbo Canada on April 9th, 2008 and was released on the other hotels shortly afterwards - April 23rd, 2008 for Habbo USA. Hotel Manager, Lost_Witness, showcased this Arabian-themed furniture on Habbo in March 2008, but it was not released until a month later, in April on The only change that the Alhambra furniture range has ever experienced since its introduction, is the addition of the Arabian Tile and Arabian Wall in November 2009. Some hotels did not receive this introduction until early 2010. Habbo USA did not receive the Arabian Tile and Arabian Wall until January 21st, 2010.


Name Image
Green Blossom Chair
Ancestral Scimitars
Tea Maker
Hexagonal Tea Table
Candle Tray
Sweets Tray
Berber Kilim Rug
Amanjena Table
Carved Cedar Divider
Window Frame
Ornamental Urn
Mint Tea Tray
Fruits Tray
Green Blossom Pillow
Arabian Tile
Arabian Wall

Alhambra-themed Competitions

Habbo USA took quite a shine to this furniture range by creating two competitions to celebrate the introduction of Alhambra and the update of Alhambra. These are the two competitions that they created;

The Great Alhambra Furni vote

In this short competition, users had to choose which piece of Alhambra furniture they enjoyed the most, and enter their answer into a poll. The winning furniture item was the Tea Maker. It received nearly 2000 votes out of 6800 in total, which meant that it had ended with 28.65% of all votes (the Oriental Urn came in second with 22.56% of all votes). Anyone who voted for the Tea Maker received a "Scimitar Snake Badge". [1]

Palace Room & Palace Garden Room Building Competition

For this competition, users had to design a Palace Room or Palace Garden using a variety of furniture but also remembering to include the re-released Alhambra and Shalimar ranges. Two winners were chosen and both given 50 Credits, a badge, 500 Pixels and a Special Alhambra furniture pack. [2]

The two winners for this competition were:

  • Kleptoplast (Palace room)
  • Antibiotics (Palace garden)

The runners up, who were awarded with Honor Points, were:

  • ActiveZ.
  • A-n-na
  • L1NDS4Y
  • LolliGaggin
  • Alkea
  • Yuu.the.Rock
  • Refillable
  • tret
  • Architect,
  • arcadia157 [3]


  • When the Alhambra furniture range was introduced, some parts of it ended up "buggy". The Ancestral Scimitars and Window Frame used to overlap the walls in the user's rooms, making it seem as if the furniture had ended up on the outside of the room. This was fixed in an update but the overlapping issue with the Ornamental Urn was not - if placed in the correct position, the Ornamental Urn will still appear to be partly outside the room.