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Release date: 2001
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
“Have some fun with the cheerful bathroom collection. Whether for your personal comfort or a fun time with your friends, you'll love the accessories almost as much as the bubble bath, big enough for two!”

The Bathroom furniture is a section of furni on Habbo that was introduced back in 2001. When first released, the flooring and the toilet comes in three matching colours; blue, pink and yellow. The collection contains eight furniture but the most iconic of them all is the Rubber Duck which has became a symbol for Habbo.

In 2014, 13 years after its original release, additions were made to the Bathroom furniture line. Light grey furniture were added to the Catalogue, although the same furniture were also released in the colours of dark grey, onyx, and teal in the Builders Club catalogue.


2001 Furniture Line

Name Image Motto
Hot and cold thrown in for no extra charge.
Rubber Duck
You're the one.
Bubble Bath
The ultimate in pampering.
Loo Seat (Blue, Yellow & Pink) Blue Toilet.gif
Pink Toilet.gif
Yellow Toilet.gif
Can a Habbo get some privacy?
Floor Tiles (Blue, Yellow & Pink)
CataBath Tiles Transp.png
Slip free.

2014 Additions

name Image Name Image
(Light Grey/Dark Grey/Onyx/Teal) Bath Bathroom2014 BathsANIM.gif L(Light Grey/Dark Grey/Onyx/Teal) Bathroom Tile Bathroom2014 TilesANIM.gif
(Light Grey/Dark Grey/Onyx/Teal) Sink Bathroom2014 SinksANIM.gif (Light Grey/Dark Grey/Onyx/Teal) Bathroom Wall Bathroom2014 WallsANIM.gif
(Light Grey/Dark Grey/Onyx/Teal) Bathroom Counter Bathroom2014 CountersANIM.gif (Light Grey/Dark Grey/Onyx/Teal) Shower Bathroom2014 ShowersANIM.gif
(Light Grey/Dark Grey/Onyx/Teal) Toilet Bathroom2014 ToiletsANIMfixed2.gif Chamber Pot Chamber Pot.png
Anti-Dither Shampoo Anti-Dither Shampoo.png Toilet Roll Holder Toilet Roll Holder.png
Pixel Poop Pixel Poop.png


  • The Rubber Duck earned itself a legendary status in the early years of Habbo resulting in a statue in the Lido and various seasonal spinoffs such as the Christmas and Habboween duck sporting "Santa hats" and "toxic plasma" respectively.
  • The Pink Floor Tiles are named as red in the furni code: "tile_red"