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Release date: Unknown
Season: Christmas
Available from: Catalogue (seasonally)
Builders Club (seasonally)

Without fail, the Christmas Furni range always appears in the Catalogue during the month of December, it marks the end of the year and shows that the season is full in swing. Over the years the Christmas range has expanded but the original set still stand today apart from two sets of Candles! Christmas Furni appears bigger and better each year with new furniture introduced. Christmas 2009 and Christmas Cabin ranges are just a few that have been released after the original Christmas range.

Some of the furniture in the range such as the Christmas Trees are more suited to the season they are released in whereas Poinsettias and Stars are used all year round. The value on Habbox varies mainly with the seasons and the line is rather big with over 30 items making up the complete set! Other ranges include Christmas 2010 as it expands the range yet again.

Below shows the items within the range:


Name Image Name Image
Christmas Tree 1 Christmas Tree 2
Christmas Tree 3 Old Christmas Tree
Large gold star Small gold star
Large silver star Small silver star
Poinsetta Holly Garland
Red Candle Red Candles
White Candle White Candles
Electric Candles Tinsel (gold)
Tinsel (silver) Gingerbread House
Eaten Gingerbread Winter Wonderland
Snowman Poster Angel Poster
Santa Poster Three Wise Men Poster
Reindeer Poster Roast turkey
Mistletoe Blue Hyacinth
Pink Hyacinth Holiday Pudding
Stocking Christmas Duck

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