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Release date: September 2009
Season: N/A
Available from: Builders Club

The Urban range of Furni was first released in the Dutch Hotel in September 2009, and was updated steadily over the years. The Urban furniture range also includes the Prison and Skateboarding furniture.



Name Image
Taxi Sofa Urban taxi.gif
Urban Wall Urban wall.gif
Street Lamp Urban light.gif
Urban Basketball Hoop Urban basket.gif
Urban Fence Urban fence 1.gif
Urban Fence Corner Urban fence 2.gif
Sidewalk Urban sidewalk.gif
Clean bench Urban bench plain.gif
Urban Bench Urban bench.gif
Urban Trash Can Urban bin.gif
Fire Hydrant Urban waterpost.gif
Road Block Urban blocker.gif


Release date: 2010
Season: N/A

While a furniture range on its own, very small and released with the Urban furniture during summer 2010.

Name Image
Prison Tower Prison tower.png
Prison Wall Prison wall anim.gif
Prison Stones Prison stone.gif
Prison Bars Prison bars.gif
Prison Corner Prison corner.gif
Prison Gate Prison gate.gif


Release date: June 2011
Season: N/A
Available from: Builders Club

During June 2011, another extension of Urban furniture was released - Skateboarding, along with a skateboard effect to wear, and related trophies.

Name Image
Concrete Wall Skate wall.png
Graffiti 1 Skate graffiti1.png
Graffiti 2 Skate graffiti2.png
Graffiti 3 Skate graffiti3.png
Concrete Patch Skate concrete.png
Skate Platform Sb block.png
Skate Rail Sb rail.png
Spray Can Crate Skate spray.png
Skate Ramp Skate ramp.png
Bronze/Silver/Gold Skate Trophy Skate trophy.gif

Room Bundles

The Police Force Bundle was made up of Prison and Urban furniture and was released during the Movie Madness campaign in April 2018.

Exclusive Furniture

Name Image Exclusive Bundle
Inmate Overalls Inmate Overalls.png Police Force Bundle