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Release date: 2009
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club

Kitchen furniture finally started appearing in late summer of 2009. The line was first released in the Dutch hotel near the end of August, with the first three pieces being released in the Club Shop. Australia followed with the "Kitchen Inspector" in early September, and the full collection was released globally on September 7th. The second Bot, the "Health Nut" was a later addition released in November 2009. Also, in Summer 2010 six more items were released, making for a more domestic kitchen look as opposed to a simply commercial, restaurant look. In October 2015 the new cottage kitchen style furniture was released. You could buy this bundle for 99 Credits included with an exclusive badge under Kitchen → Cottage Kitchen Bundle.


Catalogue Furniture


Name Image
Industrial Stove
Magnetic Knife Holder
Butcher's Block
Kitchen Inspector
Dinner Plates
Trash Can
Kitchen Swinging Door
Kitchen Wall Divider
Kitchen Wall Divider Corner
Kitchen Wall
Kitchen Fridge
Kitchen Light
Hanging Pot Rack
Kitchen Work Table
Kitchen Counter Small
Kitchen Counter Large
Kitchen Oven
Industrial Sink
The Health Nut

2010 Additions

Name Image
Kitchen Stove
Kitchen Sink
Kitchen Corner Block
Boiling Water
Kitchen Cabinet

2015 Additions

Main article: Kitchen 2015

In 2015 a new addition was made to the Kitchen section of the Catalogue, known as Cottage Kitchen. Along with the release of these furniture, the Cottage Kitchen Bundle was also released containing these new items. The Room Bundle also came with an exclusive Deluxe Microwave that could not be bought elsewhere.

Furni Image Motto
Varnished Worktop Corner
You can still smell the pine.
Varnished Worktop
Plates at the ready, please!
Varnished Kitchen Gate
Professional chefs only.
White Restaurant Door
A waiter's favourite teleport.
Red Brick Floor
Rustique, but stains easily.
Blue Kitchen Lamp
Spotlight on your food.
Blue Kitchen Table
What a lovely spread.
Blue Cushioned Chair
Keep your guests comfortable.
Deluxe Dishwasher
An alternative to the kitchen sink.
Stainless Steel Oven
Shiny outside, black inside.
Kitchen Sink
Everything but...