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Release date: February 2001
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
Builders Club
“However you place your essential furniture, it's the finishing touches that express your true personality. And don't forget, as everything else, these accessories can be moved about, allowing you to create a different look for different guests.”

The Accessories page has been around since the catalogue was first released (originally called Extras) and is usually where all of the uncategorized furniture is added. The furniture available in this range changes from time to time, and new additions are always being made - however, the old favourites still remain.

Although the furniture in this section rarely changes, there have been some removals over the years, such as the Vote Counter. The most notable change was the removal of 'chance' furniture such as the Holodice, Wheel of Fortune and Empty Spinning Bottle as a result of the Gambling Ban in 2014.


Name Image
Stickie Pole
Pad of Stickies
Flatscreen TV
Digital TV
Large TV
Portable TV
Nostalgic Computer
Desktop Computer
Empty Cans
Pizza Box
Clothes Rack
Shoe Rack
Boys Clothes Rack
Girl Clothes Rack
Habbo Cake
Notice Board
Trading Table


  • Plants used to be in the Extra category before they got their own page in the Catalogue.