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Release date: 26th June 2003
Season: N/A
Available from: Catalogue
“Reward your Habbo friends, or yourself with one of our fabulous glittering array of bronze, silver and gold trophies. First choose the trophy model (click on the arrows to see all the different styles) and then the metal (click on the seal below the trophy.) Type your inscription below and we'll engrave it on the trophy along with your name and today's date. Type your inscription CAREFULLY, it's permanent!”

Trophies are a way of giving someone a message on Habbo. You may add Trophies to your room to make your room look more attractive. Trophies have been out for a while on Habbo now and lots of trophies get gifted to friends on Habbo everyday. Sulake normally make competitions on festive seasons (e.g. Christmas or Easter) and on special occasions (e.g. New furni range, New Years). Some of the Trophies you may only get for a limited time, or Habbo Staff will have to send you one themselves. You will find the normal trophy range in the shop, under 'Trophies'. Most of them will cost around 4 - 12 Credits, although some, such as the Justice Trophy, can cost up to 25 credits. There are also different kinds of gold, silver and bronze plated figures at the top to choose from when sending the trophy!

Categories of Habbo Trophies include the Duck and Classic Trophy with the most recent edition being a unique Flame of Faith Trophy that has never been released into the Catalogue; it's a staff given Trophy with no inscription!

Habbo Stories has also bought out a new trophy that you can gift to your mates! It costs 10 Habbo Credits and is purchasable by going through the catalouge >> Stories Trophies.

Giving A Trophy

Giving a trophy is simple. All you need to do is go to the Trophies page in the Shop on Habbo and choose which trophy you would like by clicking the arrows next to the trophy. Then you are able to change the color of the figure on the top of the trophy to either gold, silver or bronze. If you choose bronze the price will drop and if you choose silver the price will rise, as the same with gold. Under the colours you will have to type a message to whom you are giving this trophy to. Once you have finished writing the message, click 'Buy as Gift' or you can also buy Trophies for yourself if you click buy.


This is a list of all trophies released on Habbo globally:

(Super) Rare Trophies

(Super) Rare Trophies are/were given out during campaigns and/or events by Habbo staff. Note that certain colors are more valuable and rarer then others, some bronze ones were easier to get than their gold or silver versions.

Name Gold Silver Bronze
HABBO Trophy
Trophy Set

(no text being displayed when double-clicked)

Justice Trophy x x
2009 Habbo Trophy x x
Solo Bubbles Trophy x x
Duo Bubbles Trophy x x
Man Eating Trophy
Hotel Prize
EMA Trophy x
American Idol Trophy x x
Football Trophy

(Came from Habbo Palooza Baloons)

Twilight Trophy x x
Watering Can of (Semi) Greatness
Habbo Award Trophy x x
Niko Trophy x
Prizetrophy room2 gname
FRANK Trophy


x x

( Only)

x x

( only)

x x
Classic Trophy x x
Habbo Palooza 2013
Safer Internet Day 2018 Trophy x x
20th Birthday Trophy
Block Builder Trophy x x
Designer Trophy x x
Outfit Expert Trophy x x
Videographer Trophy x x

Other (Colored) Trophies

Name Image
Emerald Trophy
Grefusa Trophy

( Only)

Available Trophies

The trophies listed here can still be bought in the catalogue. Prices are different with each color and trophy.

Name gold Silver Bronze
Habbo-Lympix Trophy
Classic Trophy
Globe Trophy
Duck Trophy
Walk-of-fame tile x x
Oscar Trophy x x
Tombstone Trophy x x
Skateboard Trophy

Past Trophies

These were once buyable in the catalogue but they're simply discontinued.

Name gold Silver Bronze
Fish Trophy
Duo Trophy
Champion Trophy
Greek Trophy

Other (Colored) Trophies

Name Image
Best Room Builder
Hottest Guy
Hottest Girl
Best Friend of 2010
Most Fashionable Habbo
Cool Trophy
Hot Trophy

Free Awarded Trophies

Free Awarded trophies were given out to (every) players who joined a group or being online, like the torch trophy was handed out after the great mute.

Name gold Silver Bronze
Frank Thropy x x
Torch Trophy x x
Thumbs-Up Trophy x x
Coolpolitics Trophy

( Only)

x x

Unreleased Trophies

It is unknown where these trophies are used for, they've been found in the Habbo database but are yet to be released.

Name gold Silver Bronze
Two gold and two silver trophy were seen in a room owned by Amaiazing during her 1st Habboversary. The gold ones were inscribed "Happy 1 year Habverary Amaiazing!" and "It's been an Amaiazing year!" while the silver versions were blank and they were all bought by HighSparrow.
Classic Trophy x x
Classic Trophy x x
Classic Trophy x x
prizetrophy_mastercard_name x x

This was released on after getting all 3 badges from the Disney XD Spiderman quizzes

x x
Race Trophy

Released as part of a Volkswagen ad campaign on the Finnish hotel.

x x
Ads_mad3_edit_name x x