American Prairie

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American Prairie
Release date: November 2017
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Cursed Caves
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Victorian Christmas

American Prairie was a Habbo campaign that ran throughout November of 2017[1]. The launch of this campaign saw the release of two new wearable rare items, as well as a range of collectibles themed around North American animals, and three bundles; each containing exclusive items.



Two new rare clothing items were released during this campaign; one of which was a hat, while the other was a new hairstyle.

Name Image Badge
Davy Crockett Cap Davy Crockett Cap.png AME05.gif
Frontier Braids Frontier Braids.png AME04.gif

North American Animals

Six different types of North American animal rares were released throughout the month as collectibles; the purchase of each collectible included an exclusive badge.

Name Image Release Date Badge
Eagle Eagle.png 6 November AME06.gif
Raccoon Raccoon.png 7 November AME07.gif
Skunk Skunk.png 8 November AME08.gif
Beaver American Prairie Beaver.png 13 Novmeber AME09.gif
Opossum Opossum.png 14 November AME10.gif
Armadillo Armadillo.png 15 November AME11.gif

Every user who purchased all six collectibles received an additional collectors' badge.

According to Habbowidgets, 230 players have this badge.

Room Bundles

During this campaign, the following new room bundle was released.

The following previously released bundles were once again made available for purchase during this campaign.