Army Bootcamp

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Army Bootcamp
Release date: May 2015
Season: N/A
Available from: Builders Club
Previous Campaign:
Next Campaign:
Jurassic Habbo

The Army Bootcamp Furni range was released on the 6th May 2015 and was partially released directly to buy from the Catalogue, via Room Bundles and the purchase of Credits and/or Diamonds. The new range featured a new set of furniture including an expansion to the Tents previously released by Habbo. Instead of a standard tent, an 'Office Cubicle' to fit in with the Army Bootcamp theme was released.

Along with a new range, the Army Bootcamp campaign gave players the chance to train up and be promoted to their ranks in the army, which featured new badges to earn. Unlike most new lines of furniture, the Army Bootcamp range gave players the opportunity to also buy Limited Edition Rares that corresponded to the army style. With these Limited Edition Rares, it featured an item similar to the Vans and Limos released in other ranges in previous years.


Catalogue Furniture

Name Image
Camp Cot
Conference Door
Conference Table
Conference Table Corner
Conference Walls
Glass Room Divider
Glass Room Divider Corner
Office Cubicle
Security Fence
Security Fence Corner
Short Blue Carpet

Military Clothing

Name Image
Military Parade Uniform
Recruit Uniform
Kevlar Outfit
Military Parade Jacket
Military Parade Trousers
Military Dress Skirt
Army Ranks 1
Army Ranks 2
Army Ranks 3
Army Ranks 4
Army Ranks 5
Military Medal 1
Military Medal 2
Military Medal 3
Side Cap
Walkie Talkie
Military Parade Hat
Drill Sergeant Hat
Camo Cap
Camo Tank
Camo Combat Trousers
Army Boots
Kevlar Vest
Kevlar Helmet


Name Image Badge
X-Ray Scanner
Global Satellite Screen
Hector the German Shepherd

Limited Edition Rares

Name Image Release Date Quantity Available Quantity Sold Release Price
Army HumVee 16-May-2015 48 48 1000 Credits
Mahogany Conference Desk 09-May-2015 96 96 500 Credits

Room Bundles

The Military Mess Hall Bundle, Habbo Forces HQ Bundle and Military Assault Course Bundle were released in May 2015. The Military Camp Bundle was released in April 2018 as part of the Movie Madness campaign.

Exclusive Furniture

Name Image Exclusive Bundle
Action Hero Outfit Military Camp Bundle


Medal of Honour: BC Blocks Competition

Using only Builders Club Building Blocks, players were asked to design their Medal of Honour, which is a small symbol of bravery and heroism awarded to soldiers. The top 20 entrants were awarded a Green Hippo each.


  • enzuken123 - overall winner
  • chidiva
  • Australasian
  • asia-g
  • aceVentura94
  • Fat-Hobbit
  • Danzer@Arif
  • LQQL
  • iTzGoth
  • bludhound
  • UnderCover.
  • americanidiot101
  • mar!ne
  • Wozzle
  • Kake_
  • Atalyn1804
  • HeyHeyHeyPjd
  • BossEfrenray
  • Daxter@994

Underground Bunker Room Competition

This competition was a room building contest that asked players to design an underground bunker. The top 20 entrants were awarded a Green Hippo each.


  • chidiva - overall winner
  • brightflame
  • bludhound
  • Underneath.
  • soccermaniac999
  • Meghun
  • Quark.
  • Trammel
  • Per-Simon
  • TheIrinaBlue
  • Satu
  • -Alone.,
  • 3476
  • Dimn
  • boom…
  • 5$
  • BossEfrenray
  • DiscoSign
  • -flabbergast
  • Rayns

Pals of Platoon: Look Competition

For this competition, players were asked to gather a group of 4-6 friends and dress up in matching military clothing. The top 10 groups were awarded a Green Hippo each.


  • Alone., Ninjury!, lydia329, JCopper
  • teeheeme! CianGaga, funkyjen, ossy99, snauzher, Tiny-Cypriot
  • Alexandr, DeadTerror, LosAngelicos, GoodHello, CutAnything, Exosphere:
  • BossEfrenray, Pakshetka09, StarSpit…, FakeDeath,
  • enzuken123, Humprey., geromesky, eCaRgYi, moraxpunk, Ole2Us
  • TheIrinaBlue, bionissenDK, Felidae, Joakim.95, markustrolle, alex53014
  • Catherine!!!, Morrisey, Quaresma, Zoinks
  • Hanna.Yeap, Babycakes, Confusable, Jone, Outreign, WithAllThatJunk
  • GBsella, H@bbs, Delboy73, Leeovgmd, AmericanIdiot101, FunnyHabbo82
  • Kewri, .::bobba, =-hippo-=, luffy90, syamim92$


  • The Army Bootcamp bundle was confirmed to be rereleased in March 2022, but was cancelled due to unknown reasons