July 2023

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July 2023
Release date: July 2023
Season: Summer
Available from: Catalogue (Seasonally)
Builders Club (Seasonally)
Previous Campaign:
University New Beginnings
Next Campaign:
Habbos in NYC

July 2023 refers to the Summer Habbo campaign that was released during the month of July in 2023[1]. The campaign saw the release of four new room bundles, each of which followed different themes, included bundle exclusive furniture and also included newly-released Wired components. During this campaign, four new rares and a Limited Edition rare were released. It was also during this campaign that the Formula 1-themed line was released, as well as the 10th batch of Wired.


Catalogue Furniture

On Track: Formula 1

A new line of furniture and clothing items was released during this campaign in collaboration with On Track GP[2].

Name Image
On Track F1 Car
On Track F1 Duck
On Track Tool Cart
On Track Wheel Shelf
On Track Wheel Stack
On Track Wheel
On Track F1 Outfit


Five new rares were released for this campaign.

Name Image Badge
Tentacle Hair
Shark Sleeping Bag
Rare Doll Box
Transparent Plant Backpack
Guardian Lion Statue

Book of Habbo Knowledge

Name Image Badge
Book of Habbo Knowledge

Limited Edition Rare

One new Limited Edition rare was released during this month, this being the Prairie Plane.

Name Image Badge
Prairie Plane

Room Bundles

Four new room bundles were released during this campaign, each containing bundle exclusive items.

The following bundles were re-released during this campaign.

Exclusive Furniture

Each new room bundle that was released during this campaign included a range of bundle exclusive items.

Name Image Bundle
Fluffy Cloud Cloud Castle Bundle
Cloud Castle Gate Cloud Castle Bundle
Counting Sheep Cloud Castle Bundle
Cloud Castle Tower Cloud Castle Bundle
Cloud Castle Wall Cloud Castle Bundle
Sea Alien Space Station Bundle
Space Plant Space Station Bundle
Space Station Floor Light Space Station Bundle
Space Station Wall Space Station Bundle
Space Station Stairs Space Station Bundle
Space Station Platform Space Station Bundle
Techno Spaceship Space Station Bundle
Little Wisp Will-O-Wisp Bundle
Will-O-Wisp Moon Will-O-Wisp Bundle
Star Flower Will-O-Wisp Bundle
Will-O-Wisp Floor Will-O-Wisp Bundle
Will-O-Wisp Will-O-Wisp Bundle
Midsummer Curtains Cozy Garden Bundle 2.0
Garden Frog Cozy Garden Bundle 2.0
Pelargonium Plant Cozy Garden Bundle 2.0
Strelitzia Plant Cozy Garden Bundle 2.0


Summer Gift Calendar

For each day that users logged into the Hotel between 3rd July and 31st July, users would receive an item from the gift calender. This would be either an item of furniture, duckets or credits.