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Release date: 04 September 2017
Available from: MarketPlace

Elegant is a range of furniture that is exclusive to the Elegant Bundle. It was also available in Builders Club for a period of time but has since been removed.

A lavender recolour of this set was later released as Princess furniture in the Princess Bundle, and later still a darker purple recolour named Dark Elegant was introduced in the Dark Elegant Bundle.


Name Image
Elegant Sofa Elegant Sofa.png
Elegant Side Table Elegant Side Table.png
Elegant Wall Elegant Wall.png
Elegant Foot Stool Elegant Foot Stool.png
Elegant Vase Elegant Vase.png
Elegant Light Elegant Light.png
Elegant Vanity Mirror Elegant Vanity Mirror.png
Elegant Carpet Elegant Carpet.png
Elegant Tea Set Elegant Tea Set.png
Elegant Chair Elegant Chair.png
Elegant Cupboard Elegant Cupboard.png
Elegant Coffee Table Elegant Coffee Table.png
Elegant Window Elegant Window.png
Elegant Painting Elegant Painting.png
Elegant Kitty Elegant Kitty.png
Elegant Floor Elegant Floor.png
Elegant Bed Elegant Bed.png


In the same month that the bundle was released, a new rare was made available.

Name Image Badge
Elegant Crown Elegant Crown.png SEP05.gif

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